Best Low FODMAP Recipes

Check out this round-up of the best low FODMAP recipes we have for you!

When you're living with IBS, one of the more daunting challenges is finding meals that are both delicious and that fit your dietary restrictions. Check out our list of the best low FODMAP recipes that don't sacrifice any flavor or fun.


Here are the best low FODMAP recipes for breakfast:

  1. Overnight blueberry banana oatmeal uses a mason jar, fresh fruits and gluten free oats to create a hearty breakfast with very little prep.
  1. A tofu scramble, using Casa de Sante Mexican seasoning, can spice up your morning when you add a few additions such as cilantro and hot sauce.
  2. Waffles don't always have to be sweet! Try these savory Egg and Cheese Waffles using Casa de Sante's Tuscan Herb Mix for a golden start to the day.
  3. Carrot cake doesn't just have to be for dessert. Get your cake fix with these carrot cake muffins using plain oat free granola snack for a low FODMAP-friendly treat.
  4. Making a holiday breakfast casserole doesn't have to be saved just for special celebrations. Use this recipe to feed a crowd without breaking a sweat.
  5. Great for mornings when you're on the go, vegetarian egg muffins will fill you up with protein to take on your busy day.
  6. Try a superfood smoothie, featuring kale and Casa de Santes's lemonAID digestive drink for a belly-friendly and tasty drink.
  7. Another tropical riff on the smoothie perfect for the summer months is a pina colada smoothie, featuring coconut milk and pineapple to transport you to a palm tree-lined beach with every sip.
  8. Cookies for breakfast? Yes, please! When you're eating superfood-packed oatmeal chia chocolate cookies, you'll be able to forget that something so tasty is still so healthy.
  9. Baked egg in ham cups will have your whole family saying, "How did you do that?" These porcine cups cradle egg and green onion goodness.


Here are the best low FODMAP recipes for lunch:

  1. Pizza can often seem out of reach on a low FODMAP diet, but this vegetarian quinoa pizza will leave you reaching for another slice. The Mexican Casa de Sante spice jazzes up the tomato-based sauce for a unique flavor profile.
  2. Soup is often a perfectly satisfying mid-day meal. Carrot and coriander soup uses Casa de Sante's low FODMAP vegetable stock powder to create a lovely and IBS- friendly broth.
  3. Minestrone soup, with a few variations, is a comfort food classic. Use vegetable broth with without onions or garlic, brown rice pasta noodles, and add Casa de Sante's Italian Tuscan herb seasoning for an authentic Italian flavor.
  4. A classic combination of a burger and fries finds a new variation with a vegetarian low FODMAP burger and celeriac fries. Casa de Sante's lemon-herb mix is a great substitute for onion and garlic spices, and works well in this low FODMAP recipe.
  5. A dish that will leave your cubicle-mates drooling is shrimp sunomono, which uses seaweed, shrimp, tamari and Casa de Sante's vegetable broth to create a flavorful umami bomb in your mouth.
  6. A highly fragrant dish, Indian-style eggs in spicy tomato sauce is a protein-packed punch that is just spicy enough to satiate your taste buds without upsetting your stomach.
  7. A hulking turkey salad roasted sandwich is enough to make your mouth water just reading its title. Using butter as the salad's binder adds just enough salty goodness to hold this hearty lunch together.
  8. Vegetable soup with carrots and spinach will be just the trick to keeping away a burgeoning cold.
  9. Looking to re-visit your childhood food memories? Make this creamy tomato soup using coconut milk for a comforting classic made low FODMAP-friendly.
  10. If you want a light lunch, try this kale hummus to eat at your desk at your leisure.


Here are the best low FODMAP recipes for dinner:

  1. Got a craving for BBQ? Barbeque tempeh short ribs use a low FODMAP homemade bbq sauce that is sweet with just a little heat.
  2. Who doesn't love Buffalo wings on a Friday night? Try these baked Buffalo wings that don't sacrifice any flavor to be low FODMAP. The secret? Casa de Sante's BBQ seasoning to coat the wings in rich, smoky flavor.
  3. Perfect for when your garden zucchini has gone wild, a vegetarian zucchini bake can also add fresh tomatoes and mozzarella for a true summer treat.
  4. Looking for a filling salad? Salmon and kale salad uses Casa de Sante's low FODMAP orange dressing for a piquant addition to a colorful dish.
  5. Pasta night takes a Mediterranean turn when cooking quick pasta with olives and spinach. A pinch of Casa de Sante's Tuscan herb seasoning elevates this elegant noodle dish.
  6. Let your slow cooker do the heavy weeknight lifting with this crockpot lamb curry recipe. With minimal prep, you'll come home to a hot meal and a delicious-smelling home.
  7. Using Casa de Sante's lemon and herb spice mix is the ticket to a delicious chicken and rice dinner with broccoli.
  8. Chicken parmesan can be just as rich and satisfying as you remember by using ground flax and almond flour to create a golden, crunchy crust topped with savory tomato sauce and salty Parmesan cheese.
  9. Rice-stuffed zucchini is a colorful crowd-pleaser than can be altered to add ground pork, turkey or chicken for additional flavor.
  10. Need a quick Indian food fix? Baked Tandoori chicken uses lactose-free yogurt combined with Casa de Sante's Indian seasoning to provide the cooling and fiery combination of flavors you love from this cuisine.

Cooking with a low FODMAP diet doesn't have to be boring. By finding great recipes and spice mixes, such as Casa de Sante, you can have your carrot cake muffins and eat them, too!

Hope you enjoyed our delicious collection of the Best Low FODMAP Recipes!

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