Are Chives Low FODMAP?

Written by Amy Kaczor MS RD LDN, Registered Dietitian

Are chives a low FODMAP food?

Do you miss adding onion and garlic to your meals after starting the low FODMAP diet? Here's an easy solution! 

Chives are a fresh and delicious low FODMAP replacement that is both full of flavor and nutrition! Many vegetables, typically low in sugar, tend to be low in FODMAPs, including chives (Veloso, n.d.). The mild taste of chives is very similar to that of onion and is perfect for adding to stews and soups and a beautiful green garnish to any entree, such as omelets!

According to the Monash University FODMAP Diet app, one tablespoon of chives per meal is considered low FODMAP. Therefore, it will likely not cause any worsening of symptoms for individuals with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

What are the health benefits of chives?

While very low in calories, chives are a great source of vitamin A, vitamin K, folate, and more (Ware, 2020). These vitamins and minerals benefit areas such as eye health, brain health, cancer prevention, and body functioning. Chives even contain antioxidants which act as anti-inflammatory compounds. 

To reap some of these benefits from chives, check out this recipe on low FODMAP ham and chive baked potatoes from Casa de Sante.


This post aims to answer your questions regarding the low FODMAP diet and chives as a low FODMAP food. 

Stay tuned for more posts about low FODMAP foods. Also, check out our other pages for more information on managing digestive health.


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