Onyx Adegbola, MD PhD DipIBLM

Physician-Scientist | Lifestyle Medicine Physician | Founder & CEO of Casa de Sante

  • Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician, trained in lifestyle medicine, functional medicine, nutrition and the Monash Low FODMAP Diet for IBS course.
  • Completed medical and graduate training at Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins Medicine.
  • Founder, Casa de Sante, a gut health brand with products and resources which have helped thousands of people get relief from digestive distress.
  • Member, American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine

Julie Negron, RDN

Registered Dietitian

  • Over 30 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian.
  • Has specific experience providing treatment to patients with GI disorders such as IBS, IBD, Crohns Disease, etc.
  • Experience with the low FODMAP diet.

Steffanie Newland, FNP-C MSN RN

GI Nurse Practitioner (ARNP)

• 7+ years of healthcare experience
• 4+ years working in the Gastroenterology and Hepatology
• Experience managing care for patients with chronic digestive illness such as IBS, IBD, Cirrhosis, liver disease, and Crohns disease
• She practices a full health care model that takes into account sleeping habits, diet, exercise, stress, and other potentially related health factors
• Enjoys collaborating with other clinicians and specialists regarding patient care
• Experience developing care plans

Delaney Sump, MS NBC-HWC

Health Coach

• National Board-Certified Health Coach, Registered Dietitian in training
• Has clinical telehealth experience treating chronic gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS, IBD, SIBO, Gastritis, Celiac Disease, etc.
• Specific experience with integrative/functional medicine

• Specializations: Chronic GI diseases, specialty diets (including low FODMAP), food allergies & intolerances, lifestyle medicine

Teresa Rodriguez RDN IFNCP LDN CLT

Registered Dietitian

• 23 years of experience in healthcare, functional and integrative medicine.
• Has experience with low FODMAP diet and using other techniques to identify trigger foods.
• Extensive experience treating gastrointestinal diseases such as IBS, IBD, food sensitivity testing, etc.

Teresa Rodriguez, RDN

Katelyn Barnes

Health Coach

• Experience treating patience with chronic gastrointestinal diseases and distress such as IBS, IBD, etc.
• Experience delivering 1:1 coaching to all adult clients of all ages via telemedicine.

Vicky Cora MS RD LD

Registered Dietitian

• 12 years of experience as a Registered Dietitian
• Extensive GI experience treating IBS, IBD, Chrons Disease, Celiac Disease, Gastroparesis, extreme weight loss, tube feeding and FODMAP diet.
• Passion for Functional/Integrative Medicine.

Vicky Cora, MS, RD, LD