FODMAP Diet 101


Learn about the FODMAP diet, what you can eat on the low FODMAP diet, and get started on the low FODMAP Diet. Get free low FODMAP Meal Plans here. To keep up to date on the FODMAP diet, sign up for the latest FODMAP news daily here.



Casa de Sante FODMAP App (Apple) - free
Casa de Sante FODMAP App (Android) - free

This app contains over 20 weeks of low FODMAP meal plans, shopping lists, recipes & low FODMAP vegetarian cooking videos for IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, food intolerances, food and digestive sensitivities. It also contains a comprehensive food, mood and poop tracker for sleep, nutrition, supplementation, meditation, condition, body metrics/vitals to discover patterns. Sign up at here to gain access to the app. Learn more & sign up here.


FODMAP Friendly Diet App
FODMAP Friendly Bot

The FOD Bot will instantly tell you in Facebook Messenger if the FODMAP contents of your chosen food are HIGH or LOW, with a simple tick or a cross.

The Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App

FODMAP Grocery Guide (by Kate Scarlata, RD)

The goal of this app is to streamline grocery shopping for the low FODMAPer (and their family members & friends who shop for them) and minimize second guessing in the aisles. All profits from the app will go to the creation of free patient & health professional education resources.

FODMAP Diet Starter Resources by Joanna Baker, FODMAP expert dietitian

The FODMAP Friendly Elimination Handbook, Food & Symptom Tracker, Food & Symptom Diary Assessment, FODMAP Friendly Shopping list, Webinar: Timing of Symptoms - How to Pinpoint Triggers without Going Insane. 

Low FODMAP Meal Plans by Akanksha Gilbertson, MS, CNS, FODMAP trained nutritionist


The Food Intolerant Cooks

Produced by Bengar Films in Melbourne, The Intolerant Cooks is Australia’s newest travel cooking series exploring full-flavoured, nutrient dense solutions for those with food sensitivities on diets such as gluten free and FODMAP.From new recipes to food health, using right equipment and meeting the finest food producers in amazing locations.