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FODMAP Friendly Options at Fast Food Restaurants

Here are low FODMAP meal options at popular fast food/fast casual restaurants:

Chipotle Low FODMAP Options

Chipotle Low FODMAP Options

For those trying to avoid processed foods, Chipotle Mexican Grill© is one fast food establishment that boasts a variety of fresh food offerings. Not only that, but when you walk into a Chipotle Mexican Grill© restaurant, you have the option to choose which ingredients you want included into your meal. Read More.

Taco Bell Low FODMAP Options

Taco Bell Low FODMAP Options

No fast food taco restaurant is better known than Taco Bell®. However, it is not so easy for those on a low FODMAP regimen to grab a burrito since many ingredients at this restaurant could cause serious digestive distress. Therefore, here is a quick guide to what you can eat safely on a low FODMAP diet at Taco Bell®. Read More

Low FODMAP Chick-Fil-A Options

 Low FODMAP Chick-Fil-A Options

When it comes to fast food, Chick-Fil-A® is one of the healthier options. However, healthy as far as how many calories are in food items is one thing, while being low FODMAP friendly is another. Chick-Fil-A® does have an allergen information sheet on their website, but as those on a low FODMAP regimen know well, staying clear of symptoms is more than just avoiding wheat and certain soy or dairy products. Therefore, follow the tips below to help you find enjoyable and safe low FODMAP meal options at Chick-Fil-A® restaurants. Read More

Low FODMAP Panera Bread®

Low FODMAP Panera Bread®

Known for its fresh choices, Panera Bread® is commonly touted as a healthy fast food choice. However, even though many of its choices may contain fresh ingredients, that does not mean that someone on a low FODMAP lifestyle can casually choose something from the menu. Therefore, use the following tips to make a safe and delicious choice at Panera Bread®. Read More

McDonald's Low FODMAP Options

McDonald's Low FODMAP Options

McDonald’s® is a mainstay in the fast food industry and is well-known around the world. You can smell their all-beef patties cooking from miles away, and this makes many people stop by to get a bite on their way to work or their way home. For those on the low FODMAP regimen, it is not so easy to go through the drive-through for a bite. Follow the tips below to find a safe meal or snack at McDonald’s®.  Read More

Starbucks® Low FODMAP Options

Starbucks® Low FODMAP Options

There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee in the morning, or a cool, refreshing iced tea on a summer’s day. A stop at Starbucks® is not so easy for those on a low FODMAP diet, but certainly not impossible. Follow the tips below to enjoy a drink (or snack) at Starbucks® while staying safe on a low FODMAP regimen. Read more.

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  • Really appreciate this post! My son has a garlic allergy and we typically stay away from most fast foods. It’s nice to know that not all proteins contain garlic like I assumed. Thanks again!

    Belinda R. on

  • Absolutely!

    Casa de Sante on

  • Can you do one on Sonic, Wendy’s, and Dairy Queen?

    Bonnie on

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