Chipotle Mexican Grill© Low FODMAP Options

For those trying to avoid processed foods, Chipotle Mexican Grill© is one fast food establishment that boasts a variety of fresh food offerings. Not only that, but when you walk into a Chipotle Mexican Grill© restaurant, you have the option to choose which ingredients you want included into your meal. Even with such choices, it can be difficult for someone on a low FODMAP diet to find safe food offerings when eating out. Look below for a list of guidelines for eating Chipotle Low FODMAP Options safely.

No wrap

The first obvious no-no is the flour tortilla wrap since it is made of gluten-containing wheat flour. Chipotle Mexican Grill© used to offer soft corn tortillas, but now only offer crispy corn taco shells. These shells are a safe low FODMAP option since they only contain corn masa flour, water, sunflower oil, and lime. The tortilla chips are also a safe starch option. 

Try a rice bowl

If you are not a fan of corn tortillas, the other starch option at Chipotle Mexican Grill© is a burrito bowl with a base of low FODMAP cilantro-lime brown or white rice.  The rice at Chipotle Mexican Grill© contains low FODMAP safe ingredients such as the rice itself, water, rice bran oil, lemon juice, lime juice, cilantro, salt, and bay leaf.  If you ask nicely, you can get plain white or brown rice if you do not like your rice seasoned. And, if you are trying to lower your carbohydrate intake, try a Romaine lettuce bowl for your meal.

No salsa

Unfortunately, all the salsa offerings at Chipotle Mexican Grill© are not low FODMAP friendly. The tomatillo red chili salsa contains garlic, the roasted chili corn salsa contains red onion, the tomatillo green chili salsa contains red onion and garlic, and the fresh tomato salsa contains red onion.  Therefore, just stick to plain hot sauces such as Tabasco®, which contains only peppers, vinegar, and salt to dress and spice your taco or burrito. You can also purchase your own low FODMAP safe salsa from Casa de Sante and take it with you on your next restaurant visit. 

Pork meat only, please

If you like meat on your taco or burrito, the only low FODMAP safe one is carnitas, which contains pork, salt, black pepper, juniper berries, thyme, and bay leaf.  The other meats contain garlic in their seasoning and preparation.  And if you are vegetarian and low FODMAP, unfortunately, the beans and sofritas are off limits for obvious high FODMAP reasons, not to mention that the sofritas also contain yellow onion and garlic.

Stick with simple vegetables

The fajita vegetables contain red onions, so stick with simple fresh veggies such as Romaine lettuce.  After doing some research online, I also found that if you ask for plain corn, plain tomatoes, or plain jalapeño or bell peppers, then you can also get these fresh ingredients in your dish, but it just may take a bit of time for the staff to prep such offerings for you.  Tomatoes can be eaten liberally, about 1/2 cup peppers are considered low FODMAP safe, and you can have about 1/4 to 1/3 cup white sweet corn safely on the low FODMAP diet according to Monash University. For a bit of extra fresh flavor in your dish, I think these ingredients would be worth the wait.

Skip the queso and dressings

The shredded cheddar cheese is low FODMAP safe, but the queso is not. The queso contains ingredients such as yellow onion, milk, and garlic that are high FODMAP. Also, the Chipotle honey vinaigrette dressing contains honey and garlic, so stay away from this topping. Stick to simple liquid flavorings like lemon and lime juice or plain hot sauce for your dish.

So, what do I order?

Here are simple Chipotle Low FODMAP Options guidelines for ordering a low FODMAP friendly meal at Chipotle Mexican Grill©.

  1. Choose a rice and/or Romaine lettuce base for your meal. You can either get this in a bowl or on crispy corn taco shells. Another option is to get these ingredients separately, get some crispy corn chips, and create your own crunchy delicious creation.
  2. Choose carnitas and/or cheese for your protein choice.
  3. Load up on fresh vegetable options such as Romaine lettuce, plain tomatoes, plain corn, and/or plain peppers.
  4. Flavor your dish with plain hot sauce and/or lemon and lime juice for extra flavor.
  5. Stick to a bottled water or enjoy a cup of water with lemon and lime juice added in for your beverage. 
  6. Enjoy!


Written by Staci Gulbin, MS, RD a Board-certified dietitian. Chipotle Low FODMAP Options.



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