IBS & Mood: Peter Marino, MS Unlocks Gut-Brain Balance with Enzymes & Probiotics
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Dive into the world of gut-brain balance with Peter Marino, MS, a leading expert in the field of digestive health and mental well-being. In this enlightening podcast, Peter discusses the complex connection between Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and mood, and unveils the vital role that enzymes and probiotics play in achieving harmony between the gut and the brain. Join us as we uncover the science behind gut-brain balance, explore natural remedies for IBS and mood disorders, and learn how to create a healthier, happier life through improved digestive health. Don't miss this eye-opening journey into the fascinating world of the gut-brain axis!


Personal trainer Peter Moreno shares his experience with IBS and offers advice on pre-workout snacks for individuals with IBS, recommending low FODMAP foods like unripened banana, and suggests timing pre-workout snacks based on their macronutrient makeup.
[00:04:33] Pre-workout snacks vary depending on the type of activity, with high intensity workouts requiring a balance of carbohydrates and protein, and endurance workouts suited for nuts like macadamia and Brazil nuts. FODMAPs should also be considered.
[00:07:19] Avoid FODMAPs, sugar alcohols, insulin, and lactose in pre-workout snacks to prevent GI discomfort. Sugar alcohols may be listed as natural flavors.
[00:09:40] IBS impacts fitness, health, and emotional well-being due to an altered gut microbiome. It's important to know about FODMAPs, and Monash University has an app to help with food choices.
[00:11:55] Hydration and electrolytes are important for pre-workout nutrition. Fruits and nuts are good sources of electrolytes like potassium and magnesium which are important for muscle contraction.
[00:14:55] Tips for making low FODMAP meals tasty, including using Casa De Sante herbs and garlic-infused oils.
[00:16:55] IBS can make maintaining a consistent fitness routine challenging due to its unpredictable nature, but controlling gut health through diet and identifying FODMAP triggers can help. This will reduce IBS symptoms like bloating, constipation, and diarrhea, which may otherwise limit workout intensity and frequency.
[00:20:17] An app and website are being developed by casa DeSante to help those with IBS create personalized fitness plans, while yoga and gentle stretches are recommended to alleviate symptoms.
[00:23:10] Casa DeSante provides resources and a Facebook group for individuals with IBS looking to improve fitness and mental health. They offer dietitians to help and are working on implementing fitness as part of their service. It is recommended to educate oneself on low FODMAP foods and the gut microbiome, with Manash University being a good resource, and to use Casa De Sante's support groups.
[00:25:31] Choosing a prebiotic and probiotic supplement for IBS requires avoiding FODMAPs. Casa DeSante offers FODMAP-free formulas, including a probiotic and prebiotic complex and an enzyme complex with probiotics. The enzyme complex can help break down FODMAPs and prevent IBS flare-ups.
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