Low FODMAP Holiday Fluff Recipe

This Low FODMAP Holiday Fluff is a perfect holiday dessert that's going to add a little extra magic to your holiday dessert table!

Soft, fluffy, and sweet low FODMAP dessert that's lighter than air and just perfect for the holiday season.


To make our Low FODMAP Holiday Fluff, you will need the following:


To make our Low FODMAP Holiday Fluff, follow these steps:

  1. Blended the whey with pumpkin, vanilla essence, cloves, cinnamon and milk.
  2. When all blended, transfer the mix to the electric whisker and let it whisk for a good 4-5 minutes.
  3. When nicely fluffed, divide the mixture into two ramekins. Fill with a layer of fluff, pecans, cinnamon and, on top, more fluff.



Per one bowl of fluff (without pecans as these are optional) out of the two you get from the mix above: 166.5cal, 16.9g protein, 14.75g carbs, 5.45g fat and 5g fiber!

 Servings: 2

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