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Low FODMAP Corned Beef & Rice

Aug 07, 2020 0 comments
Low FODMAP Corned Beef & Rice

Low FODMAP Corned Beef & Rice

This low FODMAP dish makes a quick delicious breakfast (as in the Philippines), lunch or dinner.  4 low FODMAP servings



2 tablespoons garlic oil

1 can corned beef (beef & salt)

60g tomato sauce (tomatoes & salt)

1 tsp Casa de Sante low FODMAP Cajun/Creole Seasoning

2 cups cooked white rice
Cooked potatoes (optional)
Salt & pepper to taste



1.     Heat olive oil.
2.     Add corned beef, tomato sauce, and spices. Simmer 15 minutes.
3.     Serve on top of white rice (and cooked potatoes if desired).








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