Hing (asafoetida)

What is the garlic and onion substitute we use in our spice mixes? It’s hing, also called Asafeotida, derived from a herb named Ferula. It has traditionally been used as a substitute for onion and garlic in Ayuverdic cooking, Jainism and Buddhism because of its deep oniony umami notes. It can also be used on the #FODMAP diet, or by anyone who cannot eat onion or garlic for any reason. Using hing results in an intensely aromatic dish with layers of flavor and a full mouthfeel. Consistently getting those layers and that texture seems like a challenge for many home cooks. With asafoetida that's just a pinch away.

Historically it's been used as a medicine for all sorts of ailments - bloating, farting, digestive problems,  headache, toothaches, ear aches, menstrual pains, respiratory disorders, etc. Recent studies have also shown it is useful in relieving the digestive symptoms of IBS. Our hing is gluten free, perfect for the low FODMAP diet.
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