Easy Low FODMAP  2 Ingredient Coconut Yogurt (Video)

Easy, vegan, and gluten-free coconut yogurt with just 2 ingredients and 1 bowl! 

Makes 4 low FODMAP servings.


1 12 -14 oz can full fat coconut milk

2 capsules Casa de Sante low FODMAP Certified probiotic & prebiotic

Maple syrup or stevia, (optional, for sweetening)

Vanilla low FODMAP protein powder or meal replacement

Vanilla extract


Select a coconut milk that's creamy and smooth (not grainy or clumpy) to ensure that the yogurt is creamy and smooth.

Shake the coconut milk well, open and pour into a clean, dry glass jar or bowl. Sometimes the coconut milk is separated, so after adding it to the bowl, stir with a whisk to get it completely smooth.

Empty Casa de Sante probiotic capsules into the coconut milk and use a wooden or plastic spoon to stir, not metal, as a metal spoon can react negatively with the probiotics.

Stir until creamy and smooth, pushing the probiotic up against the side with your spoon to evenly disperse.

Cover the mixture with a cheesecloth and secure with a rubber band.

Let the yogurt activate for at least 24 hours and up to 48 hours (sometimes longer - 48 hours is the sweet spot for thickness and tang) in a warm place. Once the yogurt has reached the right amount of tanginess and thickness for your liking, cover securely with a lid and refrigerate until cold.

Add vanilla low FODMAP protein powder/meal replacement

Optionally sweeten with stevia or maple syrup.

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