10 Delicious Vegan Low FODMAP Nutrition Shake Recipes for Breakfast

Upgrade your nutrition and use Casa de Sante nutrition powders to make delicious, healthy vegan shakes.

If you have IBS and are looking for a low FODMAP breakfast to start the day without getting the runs, bloating or diarrhea, a low FODMAP shake with Casa de Sante low FODMAP protein powder/meal replacement is an IBS safe way to start your day.

Add a scoop of Casa de Sante low FODMAP protein powder/meal replacement to 1 cup of unsweetened low FODMAP milk, ice and a handful of your favorite low FODMAP fruits and vegetables, and whizz it up to start your day the best possible way. All recipes make 1 safe low FODMAP serving.

Breakfast nutrition shake

The yogurt and nutrition powder increase the protein content, while the pineapple and blueberries are packed with antioxidants and other health-boosting compounds. 

Citrus nutrition shake

"In addition to plenty of muscle-building protein, this citrusy and refreshing smoothie also contains vitamin A-rich carrots to help support your immune system,” says chef Dee Chauhan.


    Weight gaining nutrition shake

    “Upping your calorie intake with healthy ingredients is crucial if you’re trying to add size, which is why this smoothie features nutritious and calorie-dense ingredients like dark chocolate and coconut milk – as well as a good serving of fast-acting protein,” says nutrition specialist Scott Baptie.

    Super strawberry shake

    One regular strawberry contains 20% of your RDA of recovery-improving vitamin C, which is why this recipe contains five.

    Power latte

    Trade your normal morning coffee for a bonus hit of almond milk and insulin-regulating cinnamon.

    Punchy chocolate peanut

    Like liquid Snickers in a glass (but a lot healthier) with high levels of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat.

    Berry blast

    Berries are the ultimate low-fructose fruit.

    Blue flu fighter

    A potent antioxidant cocktail that will help stave off illness in the depths of winter.


    Big breakfast

    This morning milkshake has four different sources of bulk-building protein.

    Chocolate and peanut butter

    Who doesn’t like chocolate and peanut butter together? As well as being a decadent mixture of two milkshake favorites, this recipe is actually good for you. The peanuts are full of good stuff including protein, folate, vitamin E and manganese

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