Are you looking for Low FODMAP Pasta Brands that you can purchase in the U.S. that are suitable for the IBS-Free low FODMAP?

Pasta is similar to bread – but it is actually easier to evaluate because it tends to have many fewer ingredients than bread. Gluten-free pasta that is made of rice, quinoa, or corn will be suitable on the diet. If you are evaluating a pasta to see if it is suitable for the low-FODMAP diet, you will want to avoid products made of wheat, beans, or lentils. There are several gluten-free pasta brands on the market now that use chickpeas or lentils as the main ingredient and these will not be suitable.

Below are some carefully hand picked Low FODMAP Pasta Brands that are safe for you to try!


1. Ancient Harvest


Ancient Harvest Quinoa Organic Elbow Pasta, Gluten-Free

Ancient Harvest is gluten free, very low in sodium, cholesterol free, light and delicious! Cooks in 4-6 minutes! Perfect Low FODMAP Pasta Brands!


Ancient Harvest Quinoa - Organic Gluten Free Supergrain Quinoa Pasta Garden Pagodas


2. Ronzoni


Ronzoni Gluten Free Thin Spaghetti


Ronzoni Gluten Free Rotini Pasta


Ronzoni Gluten Free Penne Rigate Pasta

A healthy and wholesome part of every meal. Cooks in 5-7 minutes.
A versatile pasta shape that can be used in entrées, side dishes, cold salads and soups.

3. Barilla

Barilla Gluten Free Elbows is made with corn & rice, contains no GMO ingredients & is certified Gluten Free


Barilla Gluten Free Pasta, Elbow

Elbows, also known as "Gomiti" in Italian, is named for its twisted tubular shape, perfect for macaroni & cheese, pasta salad or baked pasta dishes


Barilla Gluten Free Pasta, Rotini


Barilla Gluten Free Pasta, Spaghetti


4. Tinkyada


Tinkyada Organic Gluten-Free Brown Rice Pasta 3 Shape Variety Bundle


Tinkyada Pasta Joy Ready, Spaghetti, White Rice


Tinkyada Brown Rice Lasagne w/ Rice Bran


Tinkyada, Penne Brown Rice Pasta

 From whole grain. Good, consistent texture


TINKYADA | Pasta-Elbows / Brown Rice


TINKYADA | Pasta-Spirals / Vegetable-Brown Rice


TINKYADA | Pasta-Penne / Brown Rice


Tinkyada Brown Rice Pasta Fettucini


 TINKYADA | Pasta-Lasagne / Brown Rice


Tinkyada Pasta - Brown Rice Pasta Spaghetti Spinach





Classic Italian pasta, now Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Lactose Free, Vegan, Non-GMO.


6. De Boles


De Boles Gluten-Free Rice Spaghetti Pasta


De Boles Gluten-Free Rice Pasta Spirals


De Boles Gluten-Free Rice Penne Pasta


De Boles Gluten-Free Rice Angel Hair Pasta


De Boles Gluten-Free Rice Pasta Lasagna


7. Le Veneziane


Le Veneziane Italian Gluten Free Corn Pasta Spaghetti


8. Jovial Foods


Jovial Foods Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta, Lasagna


Jovial Pasta Brwnrce Tagliatelle


Jovial Gluten Free Brown Rice Pasta Fusilli


Jovial Foods - Organic Gluten Free Capellini Brown Rice Pasta


9. GoGo Quinoa


GoGo Quinoa Organic Vegan Red and White Macaroni Pasta


10. Miracle Noodle


Miracle Noodle Pasta, Gluten Free Shirataki Pasta, Angel Hair

Wheat & gluten free and kosher. Easily absorbs the flavors of any soup, dish, or sauce


Miracle Noodle Zero Carb, Gluten Free Shirataki Pasta, Capellini

 Quick and Easy to prepare.


Miracle Noodle Zero Carb, Gluten Free Shirataki Pasta, Spinach Fettuccini



For more low FODMAP Pastacheck it out here.



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Give these Low FODMAP Pasta Brands a try today!

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