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We’ve all heard the advertising slogans for milk. Got Milk? Dairy Is Good For You. EAT IT! Wherever you are, you’re bound to have come across some form of milk advertising stating how good milk is for the body. And generally speaking, this is true, but when you suffer with IBS, you need to take care not to consume any foods that can cause a painful flare up of symptoms. So what milk is low FODMAP?


Cow’s Milk

Cow’s milk, of any kind, has high quantities of lactose. Most people can get amazing nutritional value from cow’s milk but if you have IBS, then it can be one of your triggers, and you would need to avoid it. Full fat, skimmed, and semi skimmed are all high FODMAP. This is also true for goat’s milk, and sheep’s milk. However, you might be able to consume a lactose-free milk. The lactose has already been broken down, so for most IBS sufferers, lactose-free milk wouldn’t cause a problem.


Almond Milk

Almond milk is a low FODMAP alternative to cow’s milk. The MONASH University FODMAP testing says that one serving of 250ml should be fine for most people with IBS. It’s lactose free, and most brands are fortified with calcium, however, it’s low in protein, and other vitamins and minerals. It’s not suitable for anyone with a nut allergy, people who are trying to lose weight or children.


Soy Milk

Some soy milks may be low FODMAP, while others are not. Soy milk made from soy beans is high FODMAP, even if the soy beans have been hulled. However, soy milk made from soy protein is low FODMAP in 250ml servings. Soy protein milk has proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and can be used by children over one year of age. If your symptoms are triggered by soy then this may not be the most suitable alternative for you.


Rice Milk

Rice milk is another low FODMAP alternative to milk. It’s low FODMAP in a single serving of 200ml, and is often calcium fortified. Most IBS sufferers can tolerate rice milk well, but it’s low in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. It shouldn’t be consumed by children, or anyone trying to lose weight.


Coconut Milk

Some coconut milk is low FODMAP, and some coconut milk is high FODMAP. Canned coconut milk for cooking is low FODMAP in a single serve of half a cup. Coconut milk with inulin is high FODMAP in a single serve of 250ml, and a half serve of 125ml. UHT coconut milk is medium FODMAP in a serving of 250ml, but it is low FODMAP in a half serving of 125ml. Unless it is UHT coconut milk from the United Kingdom, then its high FODMAP in a single serve, of 250ml, medium FODMAP in a moderate serving of 150ml, and low FODMAP in a half serve of 125ml. It’s low in proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals, and it isn’t a suitable alternative for children.


Oat Milk

There’s some controversy over oat milk, and at what quantity it’s thought to be low FODMAP. Some believe it is low FODMAP in very small serves of 30ml, while others think that up to 125ml would be okay. However, as there is some discrepancy at the minute, it shouldn’t be considered an everyday alternative to milk, but may be okay to use for things like soaking oats overnight.


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