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Having IBS means learning a new way of looking at food. The acronym "fodmap" (fermentable, oligo, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols) is used by people with IBS to designate foods that are not necessarily unhealthy but contain "fodmaps" that may aggravate existing conditions.

Avoiding fodmaps when dining out may seem like a challenge, but restaurants are becoming more aware of dietary restrictions and want to offer all of their guests a great experience. Let's take a look at five cities full of flavor that are also fodmap friendly.

New York City

With 17 locations around the Big Apple, Dig Inn is a fast-casual eatery devoted to local, sustainable, farm-fresh and delicious food. Ingredients are clearly listed for every dish, and there is a solid variety of proteins to choose from. Try their charred chicken with lemon and fennel seeds for a Greek spin on traditional grilled chicken.

Looking for a New York City vibe while still watching your diet? Thalassa Restaurant is both chic and fodmap-friendly. Specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, this upscale restaurant is sensitive to IBS dietary needs while still crafting dazzling courses.

Think that French sweet treats are off the table? Think again, because at T-Swirl Crepes, they substitute rice flour to make their sweet or savory crepes. Ooh la la!


Cozy restaurant The Fireplace offers an extensive gluten-free menu that is compatible with most low fodmap diets. Braised beef short ribs with cornmeal porridge and sauteed greens will fill you up after a day exploring the harbor.

Two of the biggest foods to avoid on a low fodmap diet are onions and garlic, rendering most pizzas (and red sauce) inedible. However, Otto Pizza specializes in onion- and garlic-free sauce, along with a gluten-free crust. Bravo!


It's mighty nice when you find a great restaurant to meet your needs, isn't it? Mity Nice restaurant, near the Museum of Contemporary Art, is a quick lunch spot to grab low-fodmap foods that will tickle your tastebuds.

Yelp reviewers also mention Wildfire, located just outside of downtown in Oak Brook, as a fodmap-friendly restaurant where staff is accommodating of food allergies while still serving bold flavors.

San Francisco

Mission Heirloom in Berkeley is a truly Utopian eating experience. The restaurant's goal is to "restore, maintain, and enhance harmony" in one's body. This philosophy lends itself to low-fodmap foods that are high in nutritional value without sacrificing an ounce of taste.

Got a hankering for sushi? Ichi Sushi in SF's Mission District serves up market-fresh fish, and also can be tailored to eliminate gluten from your order, taking special care to not cross-contaminate food.

Los Angeles

The city of angels doesn't disappoint when it comes to healthy, full-flavored options for meals. EVO Kitchen accommodates low-fodmap diets by offering pizzas with gluten free crusts, honoring requests for no garlic or onion anywhere near your pie, and Daiya cheese to create a fresh and belly-friendly meal.

True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica offers a clever spin on a traditional BLT with a "TLT": a smoked tempeh, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. You can bet your dining companions will want to snag a bite of your delicious sammy!

All of the above restaurants have been noted by internet reviewers with low-fodmap diets as having been very accommodating of their dietary needs. As always, when dining out, you will need to ask additional questions to ensure that you're not missing a trigger food. However, this guide should provide a starting point for restaurants that care about the health and well-being of their patrons with fodmap sensitivities.

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