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Collection: Low FODMAP Teas & Drinks

Looking for Low FODMAP Teas to buy for irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive sensitivities?

What's in Your Cup? Did you know that not all teas are low FODMAP?

Below is a chart from Monash University that shows which types of teas, coffee, and other drinks are high and low in FODMAPs:



If milk is added, choose suitable low FODMAP milk such as lactose-free cow’s milk or soy milk (based on soy protein, not whole soy beans- which are high in FODMAPs). Many individuals with lactose malabsorption can tolerate small amounts of lactose-containing milks such as cow’s or goat’s milk (e.g. 2 tablespoons). It is important to note that caffeine does affect gut motility and, when consumed in excess, can be an additional symptom trigger.


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