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With December being just a few days away, the Christmas festivities begin. The decorations are hung up, the gorgeous trees take up that corner in the living room, and the presents slowly stack up under the tree. However, dealing with IBS at the Christmas dinner table is not a joyful experience for many. In order to avoid suffering from troublesome symptoms this holiday season, it’s time to include some low FODMAP dishes in the mix.

Read on to discover menu-worthy low FODMAP alternatives to popular holiday dishes, so you can enjoy a tasty Christmas dinner with your loved ones. Bring some along to the table to ensure you have plenty of low FODMAP dishes to choose from.


Low FODMAP Holiday Morning Breakfast Casserole

 Kickstart your day with a nutritious breakfast casserole, complete with eggs, cheese, ground meat, and potatoes. Extremely flavorsome easy to prepare, this dish will complement any holiday breakfast table.

Christmas Dinner:

Starters & Sides:

Low FODMAP Carrot, Coconut & Ginger Soup

On a chilly Christmas night, nothing is more comforting than a warm bowl of creamy soup. Try this low FODMAP Carrot Soup, infused with coconut and ginger aromas for an Asian twist.

Low FODMAP Baked Mini Meatballs:

These Greek-inspired mini meatballs are delicious appetizers. Stick a toothpick into every meatball, and serve a tray along with two low FODMAP dips for a crowd-pleasing starter.

Low FODMAP Zesty Winter Salad:

Refreshing, zesty, crunchy and packed with flavor... This salad recipe has it all! Savor the rich flavors this protein-packed salad.

Low FODMAP Roasted Winter Vegetables:

Planning a Christmas dinner can be stressful, especially when attempting to make complicated recipes. With this one-sheet vegetable recipe, preparing for dinner will be a breeze! Complement any main dish with a serving of these herb-roasted winter vegetables.


Low FODMAP Parmesan-Crusted Turkey Escalope

For a healthier alternative to heavy deep-fried mains, try this crispy pan-fried turkey escalope. Save half the calories, and keep all the flavor!

Low FODMAP Glazed Maple Ham

Tender and mouthwatering, this maple ham is guaranteed to have your guests asking for the recipe! Serve with roasted vegetables, and low FODMAP gravy made with Casa De Sante’s low FODMAP Stock Powder.


Low FODMAP Warm Orange Walnut Cake:

To satisfy that sweet tooth after a mouth-watering dinner, bake this low FODMAP citrusy & nutty cake.


We hope these meals inspire you to create some Christmas dinner-worthy dishes. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy your holidays, and eat mindfully!

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