Low FODMAP Food List & Printable Shopping List

Low FODMAP Food List & Low FODMAP Shopping List!

This low FODMAP food list will help you navigate the low FODMAP diet. Starting a low FODMAP diet can be challenging, frustrating and downright overwhelming. Many people with IBS are still trying to figure out “what is fodmap, why are high FODMAP foods bad for me, and how will a low FODMAP diet plan help me?” For those who have just been introduced to the diet, your new lifestyle can seem limiting. The truth is though, it only seems limiting because you haven’t been introduced to all the great foods that are on the low FODMAP food list.

The low FODMAP food list includes a variety of vegetables, fruits, proteins, breads and more - but what makes a food low FODMAP? In general, FODMAP is an acronym that stands for: Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides and Polyols. Without being too scientific, these saccharides and polyols are short-chain carbohydrates that can ferment in your large intestine. As a result, some individuals may experience pain, bloating and digestive symptoms. By sticking to the foods listed on the low FODMAP food list, these individuals can avoid ingredients that lead to this digestive discomfort.

Shopping for Low Fodmap Foods

What’s included on the low FODMAP food list? There is a wide selection of different foods across each and every food group. Here’s what you need to know about the low FODMAP food list and the different food groups it includes:


People who are new to the low FODMAP diet are often delighted to know that many animal proteins are naturally low in FODMAPs and available on the low FODMAP food list. However, the issue often comes in the preparation of these proteins. While the protein itself may be safe, ingredients we use to cook these foods (like onions, garlic, marinades, sauces and etc.) may be high FODMAP; leading to the digestive issues that we are trying to avoid. It is important to not only purchase proteins that are FODMAP friendly, but also to cook them with ingredients are also on the low FODMAP food list. 

Some FODMAP friendly animal proteins on the low FODMAP food list include eggs, fresh beef, fresh pork, fresh chicken, fresh lamb, and more. There are also many vegetarian proteins on the low FODMAP food list, such as chestnuts, firm tofu, peanut butter, sunflower seeds and other great foods.

Fruits and Vegetables

Some fruits and vegetables are high FODMAP, but there are many options offered on our low FODMAP shopping list. When shopping for fruits and vegetables, it is best to avoid vegetables like garlic, onion and asparagus and cauliflower; and fruits that contain high fructose like apples, cherries, grapefruits and peaches.

Vegetables that are included on the low FODMAP food list and safe for those with digestive systems include items such as broccoli, carrots, cucumber, lettuce and a variety of other delicious options. Fruits listed on our low FODMAP shopping list include unripened bananas, melon, orange, papaya, pineapple and more.

Other Food Groups

The low FODMAP food list contains a long list of ingredients to make sure that you can properly follow the diet without feeling limited in your food selections. Low FODMAP options in these food groups include:

  • Breads, Pastas and Grains like brown rice tortillas, kettle corn popcorn, organic brown rice pasta and more.
  • Low FODMAP Snacks like gluten-free pretzels, organic blue tortilla chips and roasted seaweed snacks.
  • Cereals like crisp rice cereal, organic corn flakes and rolled oats.
  • Beverages like beer (12 oz max), coffee and sweet tea.
  • And more!

Your diet doesn’t have to be limited - it can be expansive, flavorful, and best of all, digestion friendly. Casa de Sante makes delicious low FODMAP foods. Going Shopping? Buy our low FODMAP foods today!

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**Note: Please follow serving sizes in the Monash app or the FODMAP Friendly app, and cross check products to make sure that they are low FODMAP and contain no high FODMAP ingredients.**


We hope you found this Low FODMAP Food List & Low FODMAP Shopping List helpful!