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Welcome back to our web series on low FODMAP recipes. In our last blog we went over how to liven up your breakfast with a delicious egg and cheese waffle! In this blog we will move on to the next meal of the day: lunch. Today we will be making Pineapple Rice with a side salad.



Here are the best low FODMAP recipes for lunch:

This meal is very easy to make and even easier to package for a picnic or even to take to work. Preparing your lunches for work is advantageous to you because you will be able to chart what you are eating, allowing you to maintain and control your IBS symptoms. This will lead to greater productively, as you won’t be running to the bathroom all day to relieve your IBS symptoms.

And if you're still looking for more best Low FODMAP Recipes, Casa de Sante provides many different delicious meals on our site that are nutritious and healthy. Preparing your meals also gives you the opportunity to clean up your eating habits and focus on your dietary health.


Recipe Two: Pineapple Rice

As we have said in past blogs, there is no possible way to completely cut FODMAPs from your diet, however you can eat them in small doses. For example, in this recipe we use pineapple as a main ingredient. Pineapple is considered a high FODMAP food, however, it does not elicit severe symptoms from patients. For this reason, we have decided to add pineapple to this dish. We will warn, overeating large quantities of pineapple can cause some discomfort. It is wise to only use pineapple as instructed in this recipe or Casa de Sante’s low FODMAP recipe book.


The recipe calls for:  

1 Pineapple

200-250g Rice, boiled

1 tbsp Coconut Oil

Casa de Sante Low FODMAP Lemon Herb Seasoning

Poppy Seeds


And for the salad:



Sweet Peppers




As an IBS patient, it is important to remember that a lot of grains are out of your reach. Wheats and grains such as breads, wheat products, and cakes, are all high in FODMAPs and will result in symptoms of discomfort. However, grains such as rice products are still available to you. The following are all the different types of rices you can enjoy with any of your meals.

  • Basmati rice
  • Brown rice
  • Rice noodles
  • White rice


Our Pineapple Rice dish can be made with any one of these rices, it only depends on your preference! In the video provided by Casa de Sante, our chef uses white rice. But again, you can make this dish your own by choosing the style of rice and even adding your own garnishes!


The Steps

Step One: Cut a full pineapple in half and then empty out the pineapple “meat” from one of the halves. Now, take a bowl and put the pieces of pineapple into it.


Step Two: In this step, you must cook your rice. This portion of the recipe can take a little bit of time, as rice normally take about seven to eight minutes to cook.


Step Three: Once the rice has been cooked, place the rice in with the cut pieces of pineapple. Mix the pineapple and rice together. After you have mixed both ingredients, stir in the coconut oil, poppy seeds, and lemon herb seasoning.


Step Four:

Fill in the empty pineapple halves with the mixed rice. Make sure you put most of your rice on one side of the pineapple shell. This will allow you to have room for your side salad.


Step Five:

Garnish the other half of the pineapple shell with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, sweet peppers, and radishes. As we said before, this dish allows you to be creative; so you can garnish it with anything that is low FODMAP and delicious!


That is it! You have created a truly delectable lunch in no time at all! This dish can be easily packaged in tupperware for a picnic or for your work. It is easy to make and very healthy. For an IBS patient, this is the perfect light meal that can be snacked on during your lunch break! See Casa De Sante's YouTube channel for more exciting lunch recipes!


Thanks to Casa de Sante, there are many more best low FODMAP recipes like this. Collected on their website are many different recipes and tips for creating low FODMAP meals, just like the one we just went over. Visit Casa de Sante online to know more about FODMAPs and different recipes for IBS you can try!


Hope you enjoyed part 2 of our delicious collection of the Best Low FODMAP Recipes!

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