What is low FODMAP?

If you’re new to the low FODMAP diet, welcome.

Low FODMAP refers to an elimination diet that seeks to alleviate symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). Low FODMAP diets can also be useful for those suffering from chrons, celiac or gluten sensitivities.

If you observe a low FODMAP diet, you eliminate foods high in FODMAPs, which are short-time carbohydrates (sugars and fibers) that are not easily absorbed in the small intestine. Once FODMAPs reach the large intestine, causing the water to be pulled into the bowels (which affects how fast or slow the bowels can move).

Is jackfruit low FODMAP?

Well the good news (and short answer) is, yes, to an extent! You should avoid portions of freeze dried jackfruit, as it has higher concentrations of sugars but fresh jackfruit, canned jackfruit (in its own brine), and cooked jackfruit (as in the vegan alternative to pulled pork) are low FODMAP options.

You will want to look for cans of jackfruit that are “young green pieces” in their own brine or juices (or fresh jackfruit, if it is available). And keep to the recommended serving size listed on the tin. 

FODMAP Friendly has tested Jackfruit tinned in syrup and 150g (1 cup drained) was a safe low FODMAP serving.


Is dried jackfruit low FODMAP? 

As per Monash, dried jackfruit is not low FODMAP, due to excess fructose and fructans.


How should I prepare jackfruit?

Although still a specialty produce item in North America, the jackfruit is gaining popularity and will likely soon be readily available throughout North American grocery stores.

Cooking this fruit turns it into a meat-like texture. It's fast becoming a popular alternative to meat for vegans and vegetarians, and unlike most meats, it helps when restricting your intake of saturated fats.

Gourmet food trucks have begun offering jackfruit tacos that taste like carnitas (pulled pork) because of the stringy texture and its ability to absorb flavors. Restaurants all over the United States are now serving dishes such as jackfruit salad and meatballs. 

Although jackfruit is a good imitation of meat, it is indeed much lower in protein than other meat alternatives. In fact, there are only three grams of protein per cup. However, don’t discard it as a tasty alternative as it is a great source of fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If you are looking for new ways to prepare jackfruit, we recommend our line of organic low FODMAP certified spicesCasa de Sante low FODMAP certified taco seasoning, BBQ coffee rub, and adobo seasoning are highly recommended when cooking with jackfruit, as it has a meat-like texture which works very well for Mexican and BBQ cooking.

Medically reviewed by Onikepe Adegbola, MD PhD

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