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How do we adjust a low FODMAP diet to be suitable for diabetics?

Following and managing two different diets can be stressful! Diabetes and IBS are completely different in aetiology, and require different methods of medical/diet intervention. However, following a diet to accommodate for both conditions is doable!

You simply have to adjust your low FODMAP diet to suit diabetes management, by modifying the portion sizes of different food groups. Here’s a guide to assist you in adjusting your low-fodmap diet:

The low FODMAP Diet And Diabetes

Carbohydrates: As you may know, many carbohydrates contain FODMAPs and may cause IBS symptoms. However, carbohydrates are important in a diabetic’s diet as they directly affect blood glucose levels. If you have/have a risk of diabetes, it is best to stick to low FODMAP  and wholegrain carbohydrates, which will provide that energy, without irritating your gut. Here are some top tips!

  1. a) You may have two portions of low FODMAP fruit everyday, such as berries, 1 medium banana, or 1 orange. Make sure to avoid dried fruit and fruit juice, as they contain tons of FODMAPs and will spike your blood sugars.
  1. b) Eat 5 portions of low FODMAP vegetables per day, which will provide fiber to aid in balancing blood sugar. Try to avoid potatoes, as they will spike your blood sugars.
  1. c) Consume 4-5 portions of wholegrain or high fiber cereals and breads. Avoid starchy grains as they will cause a high glucose response. For example, opt of brown rice, oats, quinoa, and spelt. 
  1. d) Always opt for low-fat dairy alternatives, and have 2-3 portions a day.
  1. e) As legumes are high in FODMAPs, try to limit them. However, you can consume around ¼ of a cup of canned beans, lentils and chickpeas. Canned varieties are better as the FODMAPs leak out into the water, therefore you simply wash the legumes and enjoy!


Get a low FODMAP low glycemic meal plan here. 


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