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Is Cabbage Low FODMAP?

Is Cabbage Low FODMAP?

Are you planning to begin a FODMAP diet and wondering if cabbage is FODMAP-FRIENDLY?  Is Cabbage FODMAP Friendly? FODMAPs are a group of various carbohydrates that trigger symptoms like gas, bloating, and stomach aches. For many people, it's essential to restrict high-FODMAP foods. Many people reckon cabbages are high in FODMAP due to the gas production occurring soon after its consumption. Surprisingly, this is not true. The Monash's FODMAP Lab found cabbage to be low in FODMAP’s, except for savoy cabbage. As a matter of fact, the FODMAP in cabbages is not always responsible for gastric disorders. The varying tolerance and stress level of each individual is an equally important factor and should...

Mar 14, 2021

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