Is Cabbage Low FODMAP?

Are you planning to begin a FODMAP diet and wondering if cabbage is FODMAP-FRIENDLY? 

Is Cabbage FODMAP Friendly?

FODMAPs are a group of various carbohydrates that trigger symptoms like gas, bloating, and stomach aches. For many people, it's essential to restrict high-FODMAP foods.

Many people reckon cabbages are high in FODMAP due to the gas production occurring soon after its consumption. Surprisingly, this is not true. The Monash's FODMAP Lab found cabbage to be low in FODMAP’s, except for savoy cabbage.

As a matter of fact, the FODMAP in cabbages is not always responsible for gastric disorders. The varying tolerance and stress level of each individual is an equally important factor and should be taken under consideration. It is noteworthy that low or moderate FODMAP cabbages might jump to high FODMAP if consumed more than the suggested amount.

If you’re concerned, know that you don't need to eliminate cabbages from your diet completely. If consumed in moderation, under the guidance of a FODMAP specialist, cabbage does not harm your body and might prove beneficial.


Here is a list of FODMAP-friendly cabbages:

Common Cabbage

Green cabbage also referred to as "common" or "white" cabbage, is approved by Monash as a Low FODMAP. You can consume ¾ cups of this cabbage without any side effects. However, green cabbage also contains sorbitol that makes it moderate to high FODMAP if consumed in larger amounts like 1 cup.


Red Cabbage

Red cabbage or Purple cabbage is a low FODMAP and can be safely consumed in the range of ¾ cups. Since it contains another FODMAP called fructans, it can turn moderate FODMAP when consumed at around or above the range of 1 ½ cups. This difference is relatively greater than green cabbages.


Savoy Cabbage

Savoy cabbage has an uncanny resemblance to the green cabbage. But it is ruffled and loosely layered. Savoy cabbages are considered to be high FODMAP. Thus, ½ cup is a decent consumption amount.  


Napa Cabbage

With Napa Cabbage, you can enjoy a little more since it is low FODMAP for 1 cup and contains Fructans in medium servings of 500 grams.


If you want to season your cabbage, consider Casa de Sante’s certified low-FODMAP seasonings.


A Guide Regarding Fermented Cabbage

As approved by Monash, red fermented cabbage on the low FODMAP diet can be devoured within the limits of ½ cup, and it is moderate at 1 cup serve for Fructans.  

How Cabbage Can Help a FODMAP Friendly Diet

 If you include cabbages in your diet in a balanced way, it might help you in several ways.

  • It reduces the bloating problems in your gut.
  • It relieves stomach aches
  • Red cabbage also provides your body with vitamins like C and K.
  • It keeps your cholesterol level in control and maintains heart health.
  • Cabbage is beneficial for gut bacteria as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it all right to consume cabbage if I have IBS?

Cabbages can cause unusual gas production and bowel habits, but it doesn't harm if consumed in a safe or low amount.


Why should one avoid cabbage?

In the case of hypothyroidism, you should strictly avoid cabbages along with other leafy vegetables.


Cabbage and a Low FODMAP Diet                                                                            

There is a possibility of staying within the low FODMAP range and still relishing cabbage coleslaw and stir-fries. However, it would be best to be extremely cautious about the prescribed limits and your tolerance level. Therefore, Cabbages can be FODMAP-friendly if consumed the right way - stick to the Monash app safe serving sizes.

Medically reviewed by Onikepe Adegbola, MD PhD

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