Low FODMAP Shakshuka Breakfast/Dinner Recipe — this is one delicious low FODMAP breakfast recipe that's sure to become a new favorite!

Perfect addition to your low FODMAP breakfast recipe collection! Good as a low FODMAP dinner recipe too!


Servings  -­  1  


To make our Low FODMAP Shakshuka Breakfast Dinner Recipe, you will need the following:

  • 1  Bell  Pepper,  sliced  into  strips   
  • 2  cups  baby  spinach  chopped   
  • 1  (15  oz.)  can  of  crushed  canned  tomatoes   
  • 1  Cup  Casa  De  Sante  Vegetable  Stock  prepared   
  • 2  Eggs   
  • Green  onions  (scallions),  green  part  only   
  • Casa  De  Sante  Spicy  Indian  Seasoning   
  • 1  Slice  Gluten  free  low  fodmap  bread  for  dipping   
  • Olive  oil  for  cooking


To make our Low FODMAP Shakshuka Breakfast Dinner Recipe, follow these steps:

  1.  Deseed  and  chop  the  red  bell  pepper  into  thick  strips.  Roughly  chop  the  spinach,  and  finely  chop  the  green  onions/scallions  (green  tips  only).   
  2. Heat  a  skillet  over  medium-­‐high  heat.  Add  the  olive  oil  and  the  red  bell  pepper.  Stir  fry  until  it  starts  to  soften.   
  3. Add  the  crushed  tomatoes  and  Casa  De  Sante  Vegetable  Stock.  Mix  and  allow  the  sauce  to  simmer  for  two  minutes.  Add  most  of  the  spinach  (save  some  for   garnish)  and  the  green  onions/scallions  (green  tips  only).     
  4. Allow  the  sauce  to  cook  for  another  two  minutes  until  it  starts  to  thicken.  Add  the  Casa  De  Sante  Spicy  Indian  Seasoning .  Season  with  salt  and  pepper.     
  5. Crack  the  eggs  into  the  tomato  mixture,  spacing  them  evenly  around  the  frypan.  Cover  the  frypan  and  allow  to  simmer  for  10  to  15  minutes  until  the  eggs  are   cooked  to  your  liking.   
  6. Sprinkle  with  the  leftover  spinach.   
  7. Serve  with  a  side  of  toasted  low  FODMAP  gluten  free  bread.  


350  Calories

Vegetarian,  Dairy-­‐free,  Soy-­‐free,  Gluten Free

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