Low FODMAP Easter Recipes

From adorable desserts to chic appetizers, these are the dishes the Easter Bunny (and your low FODMAP diet) will approve of.

Here's another low FODMAP recipe roundup of some of our best-loved Easter recipes that are FODMAP friendly too!

Low FODMAP Easter Bread Recipe

Looking for new low FODMAP Easter recipes? Try this gluten-free Easter bread recipe: the traditional Easter bread that is low FODMAP and also gluten free.

Scented with anise seeds, this is a classic recipe for your Easter celebration.


Low FODMAP Glazed Maple Ham Recipe

Low FODMAP Glazed Maple Ham Recipe — Juicy, succulent cuts of maple & mustard glazed gammon... Yes please! Add it to your next family low FODMAP dinner recipes this Easter to wow your guests!


Low FODMAP Appetizer Recipes

Here are a few quick to prepare low FODMAP appetizer recipes that you can easily prepare for any occasion.


Low FODMAP Dessert Recipes

Everyone needs a sweet treat every now and again. And there's no reason why they should upset your tummy with these low FODMAP dessert recipes.




Discover more amazing low FODMAP recipes here!

This collection of delicious low FODMAP Easter recipes are all that you need you need for a delicious Easter!

For more information on what you can eat on the low FODMAP diet, you can check out our low FODMAP Easter Guide post here.

We want to wish all of our Jewish friends a healthy and happy Easter! 

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