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In this podcast episode, Dr. Shannon Scholl and Dr. Onyx Adegbola explore the fascinating world of the microbiome and the central conflict of how to treat IBS, while empowering their patients to be good stewards of their own gut bacteria and overcome their digestive symptoms.

"It is figureoutable. It just takes time and interest. And I love a good puzzle. I think my strategy is really listening initially and getting a clue and then heading in that direction." - Dr. Shannon Scholl.

Dr. Scholl graduated Summa cum Laude from NC State and earned her medical doctorate and Masters in Public Health from UNC at Chapel Hill while raising her two girls.  She was lucky enough to have several excellent mentors, including Doug Drossman of Rome Criteria fame. Dr. Drossman was an important early advocate for patients suffering from IBS, and his research into the causes of IBS-related abdominal pain continue to inform the modern treatment of this very frustrating illness. Dr. Scholl is proud to list him as one of her early influences. In addition to the Western medicine in which she trained at UNC, Dr. Scholl is well-versed in data-supported functional GI medicine, including leaky gut. She is proud to be "The Plant Fed Gut Masterclass" certified. When not talking endlessly about your microbiome and asking you if you eat enough vegetables, she enjoys spending time with her daughters, dogs and chickens.

In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Discover how to identify and treat IBS and the microbiome connection
2. Uncover how to use foods to support a healthy microbiome
3. Learn how to diagnose and treat bacterial overgrowth.


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Chapter Summaries:
Dr. Shannon Shaw is a gastroenterologist, and she's got a lot of good info for us. Welcome to the Godsends podcast. I'm really looking forward to jamming a little bit about IBS and IBD.
The doctor trained in gastroenterology and got a master's in public health. He left private practice about 18 months ago and started a solo practice that is out of Network for Insurance. One of his passions is IBS and the microbiome.
I see all kinds of patients in my gastroenterology practice. But my passion is really IBS. I like being able to help people figure out what their food triggers are. It just takes time and interest.
Has your approach to patients with IBS changed, or what do you think is difference in the patient experience? I don't know that my approach has changed so much as it is that we can get a lot more done because I have an entire hour instead of the problem with insurance.
What do you typically see with patients with IBS in your practice? What is your approach to seeing the patient diagnosing and managing the patients in general? My strategy is really listening initially and getting a clue and then heading in that direction.
When people are having alternating diarrhea and constipation, figure out which one you're dealing with. Severe constipation can sometimes present as diarrhea. Treatment in that situation is fiber. Fiber has the added benefit of promoting a healthy microbiome.
Many of our clients have diarrhea, chronic diarrhea or ongoing chronic constipation. Ultimately, we need to figure out what the problem is. While you're figuring it out, it's really important to empower the patient.
The microbiome is not always something that conventional physicians think about, so it's really refreshing to find you talking about it. The main takeaways about the microbiome are that it's not that hard to support it. In fact, I'm starting an online coaching course, twelve weeks to help people get their microbiome in the right place.
Some patients are a set up for bacterial overgrowth. The longer people have had IBS, the more bacteria they will have in their small intestine. Recurrence is really an issue for a lot of patients. Do you have alternatives for those patients?
Dr. Scholl says patients should do anything to shore up the microbiome doing. Antibiotic therapy if they can tolerate it a fiber supplement. Can you tell us where people can reach out to you if people want to follow you and see what you're doing?

Key Takeaways:
Dr Shannon Scholl, a gastroenterologist and founder of Gastro Direct, discusses the importance of taking a good history when diagnosing gut issues. She suggests asking patients about categories of foods that trigger symptoms. Dr Scholl also emphasizes the importance of promoting a healthy microbiome through fiber and is starting an online course to help people identify food intolerances and coach their microbiome into full health.
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