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Low FODMAP Hearty Lentil Soup

Here's a hearty and delicious lentil and vegetable soup for this week's meal plan: https://plantoeat.com/recipes/12465494

Serves 8

2 Tbsp olive oil 
1⁄4 tsp Asafoetida Powder:

3-4 carrots (1/2 lb)
2 celery stalk 
2 cup lentils canned, rinsed and drained well
1 tsp cumin 
1 tsp oregano 
1⁄4 tsp cayenne pepper 
Freshly ground black pepper 
1 can petite diced tomatoes 
4 tbsp low FODMAP stock powder:

1⁄2 tsp salt 
4 cup hot water

1.Heat olive oil in a pot. Slice the celery and peel and slice the carrots. Add the celery and carrots to the pot and sauté for about 5 minutes.

2.Wash and drain lentils and add it to the pot along with the diced tomatoes (with juices), cumin, oregano, asafoedida powder, cayenne pepper, and some freshly cracked pepper (10-15 cranks of a pepper mill). Finally, add the vegetable broth (stock and water), and stir to combine.

3.Increase the heat to medium high and allow the pot to come up to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn the heat down to low, place a lid on top, and let it simmer for 10 minutes.

4.Taste the soup and add salt as needed (I added 1/2 tsp). Serve hot.

Note: If you'd like to add more protein, you can add diced chicken breast.

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