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Low FODMAP Vegetarian Summer Fresh Meal Plan


A vegetarian meal plan inspired by the best summer produce, for 2 people. This low FODMAP vegetarian summer inspired meal plan is easily modified to be vegan. Add meat if you wish. So many awesome summer fresh flavours in this one! Eat clean. Feel awesome.

Get the plan here.

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  • The low FODMAP meal plan does not contain low FODMAP ingredients. A couple of images were misleading & we have edited those.

    Casa de Sante on

  • I was about to download this since it is low fodmap, but I see it has pistachios for snacks, and cherries in 2 dishes. Neither are low fodmap at small serves. This needs a warning for those just starting low fodmap.

    Carolyn on

  • Yes it is free! Enjoy!

    Casa De Sante on

  • Is this free? If not, what’s the price? What a great idea!

    Paula Roberts on

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