Low FODMAP Papaya Quinoa Fruit Boats Recipe - casa de sante

Servings -1


  • 1 medium papaya, cut and seeds scooped out
  • ¼ cup dry quinoa
  • 1 cup Casa De Santé Vegetable stock prepared
  • 1 passion fruit (sub kiwi/oranges)
  • 5-6 cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1, 6oz lactose free yogurt/Greek yogurt/dairy-free yogurt


  1. Prepare the quinoa by cooking it in 1 cup Casa De Santé Vegetable stock, to add flavor. Adjust water as needed. Cook 5-6 minutes until quinoa is fluffy.
  2. Fluff with a fork and set aside.
  3. Halve the papaya, and scoop out the center seeds. Fill both papaya boats with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, passion fruit and top with low FODMAP yogurt of choice.
  4. Enjoy!


    500 calories

    Vegan, Soy-free, GF

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