Low FODMAP Burrito Bowl with Quinoa Tofu Taco Filling - Immune Support Recipe

This immune boosting recipe is packed full of vitamins, zinc and selenium.


1/4 cup Quinoa (uncooked)

4 1/16 ozs Tofu (extra firm, crumbled)

1 tbsp Garlic Olive Oil

2 tsp Casa de Sante Low FODMAP Taco Seasoning

1/4 tsp Sea Salt (optional)

1/2 cup Casa de Sante Low FODMAP Salsa (divided)

1 1/2 tsps Lime Juice

1/2 tsp Nutritional Yeast

1 Red Bell Pepper (sliced)

1/4 head Iceberg Lettuce (chopped)

1/2 cup Black Beans (canned)


1. Cook quinoa according to package directions.

2. Meanwhile, in a dry non-stick skillet over medium heat add the crumbled tofu. Cook, stirring often, until just golden brown, about 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer the tofu to a dish and set aside.

3. Add the oil to the pan followed by the cooked quinoa, taco seasoning and salt. Stir to combine then add half of the salsa, lime, nutritional yeast and browned tofu.

4. Spread the quinoa and tofu mixture into a flat even lay in the pan and let caramelize for 3 to 4 minutes before stirring and flattening again until quinoa is slightly crispy. Season with additional salt or lime juice if needed. Transfer the quinoa mixture to a dish and set aside.

5. To the same pan add the red pepper and adjust heat to medium-high. Let the peppers cook for 8 to 10 minutes until tender and slightly charred.

6. To assemble the burrito bowl, divide the quinoa mixture, red peppers, lettuce, 

black beans, and avocado between bowls. Top with remaining salsa and enjoy!



Refrigerate in an airtight container for up to five days. To keep avocado from browning, dice just before serving.

Additional Toppings

Add cilantro, sliced jalapenos, cheese, diced tomatoes or lime wedges


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