Low FODMAP Baked Potato Soup with Quinoa and Granola Recipe - casa de sante

This Low FODMAP Baked Potato Soup with Quinoa and Granola Recipe will give you all the comfort!

Servings -2



  1. Prepare quinoa according to packet instructions and set aside ¼ cup cooked quinoa.
  2. Pierce potato with a fork; place on microwave-safe paper towel or roasting rack in microwave.
  3. Microwave on HIGH for 15 to 20 minutes or until tender, turning once halfway through cooking. Cool slightly.
  4. Meanwhile, cook bacon in over medium heat until crisp. Remove and drain on paper towels. Crumble; set aside.
  5. Cut cooked potato in half. Scoop out cooked potato from skins; place in medium bowl. Discard skins. Mash potatoes well.
  6. In a soup pot, combine coconut milk, potatoes, bacon, green onions (save some for garnish), and Casa De Santé lemon herb seasoning.
  7. Cook and stir until bubbling and simmering.
  8. Next add in the quinoa and bring to a simmer. Divide into 2 servings.
  9. To serve, spoon soup into serving bowl. Before enjoying top with a packet of Casa De Santé savory granola.

430 calories (per soup serving with 1 packet of granola),

GF, Dairy-free, Soy-free



We hope you enjoyed this Low FODMAP Baked Potato Soup with Quinoa and Granola Recipe!

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