Servings: 1    


  • 2  slices  of  Gluten  Free  FODMAP  friendly  bread
  • 1  ripe  Banana
  • 2  Eggs
  • ¼  cup  no  sugar  vanilla  non-­‐dairy  milk
  • Cinnamon
  • Pinch  of  salt
  • Casa  De  Sante  Plain  Granola


  1. Beat  2  eggs  with  pinch  of  salt  and  cinnamon  in  shallow  dish.  Stir  in  ¼  cup  milk  and  mix  well.
  2. Dip  bread  in  egg  mixture,  turning  to  coat  both  sides  evenly.  Shake  off  excess  then  dredge  in  Casa  De  Sante  Plain  Granola
  3. Cook  bread  slices  on  lightly  greased  skillet.
  4. Serve  with  sliced  banana.


540  Calories

Vegetarian,  Dairy-­‐free,  Gluten Free


Casa de Sante is the source for all your low FODMAP cooking needs.


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