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If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), odds are, you have had you fair share of discomfort after your meals. Most dietitians recommend eating regularly throughout the day, or eating at least three meals a day. If you are an IBS patient, this can be difficult. For some IBS patients, eating the recommended amount of meals could mean that they have to feel discomfort three times day. That’s unbearable, especially when IBS symptoms range in length and intensity.


Without proper food or treatment, most IBS patients spend most of their day in pain or extreme discomfort. This, of course, could result in negative effects in your work, life, and eating habits. At Casa de Sante, we are here to ensure that IBS patients get the nutrition they need so they don’t decide to start cutting meals due to their symptoms. We believe that everyone deserves three, pain-free meals a day. In this blog series, we will introduce you to new and exciting BEST low FODMAP recipes to keep you energized and pain-free. If you are at all curious what FODMAPs are, see our other blogs to fill you in on what they are, and how avoiding them can help your IBS symptoms.


Looking for best low FODMAP recipes for breakfast? To begin, we will discuss your breakfast options. And luckily, you have many to choose from. Though the list of foods that affect IBS patients is long, there are shortcuts you can take to ensure a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Of course, it is important to know that completely cutting FODMAPs out of your diet is not recommended, as your nutrition could be severely compromised.




Here are the best low FODMAP recipes for breakfast:


Recipe One: Egg and Cheese Waffles

Most times, people with IBS hesitate when they hear recipes contain dairy. However, there are many ways to work around high FODMAP dairy items and move towards products that are more favorable for IBS dietary needs. For example, we can work our way around cow’s milk by substituting it with almond milk. Most animal milk is very high in FODMAPs and will almost always produce some sort of discomfort, like gas and cramping. Many times, people believe that this discomfort is because they are lactose intolerant, but this is not true of everyone who has IBS. IBS patients can still ingest dairy products, like butter, yogurt, and an array of cheeses. If, in your mind, you just froze in fear at the word, ‘cheese,’ we promise it will be ok. The following are some of the cheeses that are considered low FODMAP:

  • Brie
  • Mozzarella
  • Cheddar
  • Cottage
  • Feta
  • Parmesan
  • Swiss


For our Egg and Cheese Waffle recipe, we will use both almond milk and mozzarella as our dairy-based ingredients.


Our recipes calls for:

• 100g buckwheat flour,

• 1 egg,

• 1/2 cup almond milk

• 1/2 cup shredded mozzarella,

• 3 tbsp carrot

• 1 tbsp Italian Tuscan Herb MIx by Casa de Sante.


The Steps:

Step One: Preheat your waffle iron to medium heat. While waiting for the iron to heat up, set out all your ingredients and make sure they are spread out. It is important that you pre-cut your carrots before mixing the materials, and perhaps heat the iron, as it is most likely the most labor intensive step of the whole process.

Step Two: Get a big bowl out and mix together your buckwheat flour, egg, almond milk, carrots, and herb mix. Please do this step as listed, one after the other. Once all ingredients are in the bowl, whisk together until the batter is a paste. Do not blend the batter with a mixing machine, as you will destroy the carrots.

Step Three: Prep your waffle iron with oil. Use a limited amount of oil — three small circles will do!

Step Four: Take a ladle or spoon, pour the mixture onto the iron, and close gently. Let it cook for three to four minutes.

Step Five: Take your the waffle with a spatula once the waffle is golden.

Step Six: Put your delicious waffle on a plate and garnish with cottage cheese, cherry tomatoes, parsley, and more carrots.


Congratulations! You have made a scrumptious breakfast that is low in FODMAPs!


If you have any questions, visit our YouTube channel to visually see this recipe made from step one to six!


There are many tasty and easy recipes available for IBS patients—you just need to know where to look! Well, Casa de Sante is a good place to start! On our site, we provide tips, products, and low FODMAP recipe books for all! By using our site, you can chart which foods are considered healthy for IBS, and which are not. You also have the option of trying new and delicious products, like our Italian Tuscan Herb Mix, as featured in this recipe. IBS does not have to control your life and eating habits. Casa de Sante is always here to help!


Hope you enjoyed part 1 of our delicious collection of the Best Low FODMAP Recipes!

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