We looked through the labels of some of the most popular brands of protein bars in the market to know which protein bars are low FODMAP and this is our summary.

Below we'll look deeper for more information about each bar:

1. KIND® bars

 Are KIND bars low FODMAP

When it comes to the KIND® snack bars themselves, all of them contain a combination of nuts and spices. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, and pecans make up most bar recipes. Also, powders and spices like cinnamon, carob powder, milk powder, and chicory root fiber are seen in many KIND® snack bar flavors.

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The RXBAR® brand is well-known for being very honest about the ingredients in its bar products, right down to the amount of each major natural ingredient is in each bar. The ingredients on the label make it easy to figure out the low FODMAP status of RXBAR® products. The majority of the RXBAR® products contain three major ingredients: egg whites, dates, and nuts. The nuts are either almonds, peanuts, pecans, and/or cashews.

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3. Quest® bars

Are Quest bars low FODMAP

Quest® bar products include a variety of delicious flavors like birthday cake and cookies and cream. These types of choices can make high protein and high fiber seem more like dessert than a healthy snack. Also, some of that protein and fiber comes from the addition of healthy fats from almonds, peanuts, and cashews. Finally, to reach the high protein status of 20 grams or more per bar, Quest® bars use protein powders like whey isolate, milk isolate, and micellar casein.

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4. Clif® bars

are Clif bars low FODMAP

Clif® bars contain many different natural ingredients that help to create over 15 different delicious flavors. Common ingredients in Clif® bars include organic brown rice syrup, organic rolled oats, organic cane syrup, rice flour, cane sugar and sea salt. Also, other natural ingredients like peanuts, organic peanut butter, unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, organic cinnamon, and dried fruits create the flavors that make Clif® bars popular.

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5. Larabars

Are Larabars low FODMAP

With 24 flavors ranging between three and nine ingredients each, Larabars provide a variety of simple and natural flavors. The ingredients in such bars vary from fruity options like Apple Pie to rich flavors like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. However, the base ingredient that provides the sweetness and chewy texture remains the same. All Lärabar® products contains dates.

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So which Protein Bars are low FODMAP?

We know that a busy lifestyle can make it hard to fit in all your protein and fiber needs. That is why health bars are a convenient and nutritious addition to your healthy.

However, not all health bars are created equal. As you've seen above all these popular protein snack bars contain high FODMAP ingredients.

Although some may claim to contain natural ingredients, this does not mean that they are safe for those with certain food intolerances and allergies.

Our Recommendation

Although it’s a convenient and healthy choice, not all health bars are low FODMAP friendly. Therefore, if you choose to have a health bar for a snack or meal replacement, be sure to read the label. This is because there may be ingredients in such products, even in products containing natural ingredients, that are high in FODMAPs.

If you want to enjoy a health bar without worrying about FODMAPs, then choose one like the Vegan Chocolate protein bar from Casa de Sante.

This health bar, which contains 12 grams of protein and 14 grams of fiber is low FODMAP certified and is safe for those on a vegan, paleo, or keto eating regimen. Organic almond butter, pea protein, organic cacao chocolate chips, and cocoa provide delicious flavor for this protein bar without adding any FODMAPs that could put a damper on your snack time.

Casa de Sante Low FODMAP Certified Protein Snack Bar

low fodmap protein snack bar

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