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The Women's Health test kitchen tasted dozens of vegan cheese products to find the best dairy-free options that spread, melt, and taste like cheese

To make the epic quest for an edible (and even delicious!) vegan cheese a little easier, the Women’s Health test kitchen (with the help of WH editors, other co-workers, and friends) put more than 80 different cheese-less cheeses to the test. The test covered every cheesy vibe in the book, including blocks, shreds, slices, cream cheeses, soft spreads, dips, quesos, and cheese sauces.

Some were nut-based, others coconut oil-based, and a few even touted tofu as their main ingredient. As they tested everything from smoked gouda knock-offs to garlic herb spreads, the WH testers shared their feedback candidly—and weren’t afraid to call it like it was (ahem, bland, chalky, or pasty).

Finally, after taste-testing every kind of vegan cheese under the sun, the team curated the best of the bunch. The result: 15 delicious vegan cheeses that can totally pass for the real thing. Read the article here.

Unfortunately, many of the cheeses contain cashew and high FODMAP ingredients. We've gone through the list and pared it down to those whose ingredients are low FODMAP.  Please cross check ingredients as they may change. Please note natural flavors are highly unlikely to cause IBS symptoms as they are in such small quantities.To quote the discoverers of the low FODMAP Diet:

 "Natural flavors or artificial flavors when they appear on ingredient lists will be highly unlikely to cause digestive symptoms as they are present in very small quantities." (Reference: The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet: A Revolutionary Plan for Managing IBS and Other Digestive Disorders - Sue Shepherd, PhD Prof. Peter Gibson, 2013)


Filtered Water, Potato & Rice Starch, Food Starch-Modified (potato), Coconut Oil,Salt (Sea Salt), Rice Protein, Parmezan Flavor (vegan sources), Olive Extract, Beta Carotene (Color), Vitamin B12.

2. Milk-Free Better Than Ricotta Cheese

Water, Expeller Blend Of Natural Oils (Palm Fruit, Soybean And Olive), Non-Gmo (Tofu, Soy Protein), Maltodextrin, Veg Lactic Acid, Natural Blend Of Gums (Locust Bean, Guar, Cellulose, Xanthan And Carrageenan), Brown Rice, Agar Agar, Vinegar, Organic Sugar, Vegetable Mono And Diglycerides, Sea Salt.

3. Just Like Mature Cheddar Slices

Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Food Starch-Modified (Potato & corn), Potato Starch, Salt (Sea Salt), Mature cheddar flavor (vegan sources), Olive Extract, Beta Carotene (Color), vitamin b12

4. Just Like Feta

Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch, Salt (Sea Salt), Glucono Delta Lactone, Flavor (vegan sources), Olive Extract, Vitamin B12.

5. Just Like Smoked Provolone Slices

Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Potato Starch, Salt (Sea Salt), Glucono Delta Lactone, Flavor (vegan sources), Olive Extract, Vitamin B12.

6. Creamy Original Chao Slices

Filtered water, coconut oil, modified corn and potato starch, potato starch, fermented tofu (soybeans, water, salt, sesame oil, calcium sulfate), sea salt, natural flavor, olive extract (antioxidant used as a preservative) and beta carotene.

7. Almond Milk Ricotta Alternative

Almond Milk (Water, Almonds), Salt, Enzymes, Tartaric Acid, Cultures.

8. Cheddar Flavored Coconut Shreds

Organic Coconutmilk (Filtered Water, Organic Coconut Cream), Palm Oil, Modified Starches (Potato, Corn), Contains 2% Or Less Of: Salt, Navy Bean Flour, Yeast Extract, Cultured Sugar (To Retain Freshness), Cultures, Natural Flavor, Xanthan Gum, Konjac Gum, Lactic Acid, Annatto Extract (Color), Cellulose (To Prevent Caking).

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