Low FODMAP KFC Options

If you’re in the mood for some fried chicken, then Kentucky Fried Chicken® is a convenient and delicious choice.  However, if you have specific food allergies or intolerances, then eating at fast food restaurants like KFC® can be challenging.  And specifically, on the low FODMAP eating regimen, with so many ingredients to look out for, it is essential to take a careful look at the ingredient statement to be sure you don’t ingest anything that could cause digestive distress. To make it easier for you to eat out at KFC®, read below for foods on the menu that you can enjoy without fear of digestive discomfort.


Unfortunately, if you’ve come to KFC® for chicken, there is no chicken on the menu that is low FODMAP. The fried chicken is battered heavily in wheat flour and a variety of spice including garlic and onion powder. And surprisingly, the grilled chicken, which you would assume is free from flour, is lightly coated in wheat flour and similar spices as the fried chicken. However, if you are just looking for some sort of protein source to go with your side dishes, there are a few low FODMAP cheese choices on the menu you can choose from such as:

  • Cheese curds
  • Cheeseheads® string cheese
  • 3-Cheese blend (shredded)

You can also ask for a side of bacon on the side that you could eat alone or on top of one of the low FODMAP side dishes.  And, if you are really craving chicken, you could try and ask if you could have a piece of unmarinated chicken with no batter or spices cooked fresh for you. This is because the chicken is not pre-prepared according to their website, so this could be a possibility. It may not be fast food this way, but you would be able to enjoy a piece of chicken during your visit.


As far as side dishes go, you can pick from several vegetable options. However, you may have to ask for no seasonings and dressings with some.

  • Corn on the cob
  • Sweet kernel corn
  • House side salad (with no dressing or croutons)
  • Green beans (with no seasoning)

You could also ask for lettuce or tomato on the side, so you can have extra vegetables for your salad or protein option.


Just like with any other fast food restaurant, you will want to stay away from any sugary drinks that are likely to contain high fructose corn syrup, which is high FODMAP. The only exception at KFC® is Ocean Spray® cranberry cocktail, which according to the ingredient statement released by KFC®, is only made up of filter water, cranberry juice from concentrate, sugar, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and vegetable juice concentrate (used as a coloring). Other low FODMAP drink options at KFC® include:

  • Aquafina® water
  • Pure Leaf® Lemon
  • Pure Leaf® Unsweetened
  • Pure Leaf® Raspberry
  • Diet Pepsi®

On a low FODMAP regimen, according to Monash University, you can have up to 8 ounces of cranberry juice and 6 ounces of brewed black tea safely.  Also, diet beverages like diet cola are ok as long as they are not sweetened with sugar alcohols. However, be careful not to consume too many carbonated beverages since carbonation can cause uncomfortable gas and bloating in those with digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Take home message

Although you may have to ask for a lot of special requests, or make some sacrifices in the spice department, there is a still several ways for you to enjoy a meal at KFC® on the low FODMAP regimen. Therefore, ask the staff nicely to prepare your meal low FODMAP safe, perhaps let them take a look at your low FODMAP restaurant card, and enjoy your meal at KFC®.

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