Is Coffee Low FODMAP?

Most of us struggle to really get going in the morning without a cup of coffee. Some of us need more than one, and some of us probably drink more coffee throughout the day than we’d care to admit to. So when you start following a low FODMAP diet, one of the first questions many people have is: Is coffee low FODMAP? The answer isn’t really straight forward, as some coffee drinks are low FODMAP, while others are not.

The other reason why the answer isn’t particularly straight forward is because every person reacts differently. Even how the coffee is prepared can affect different people in different ways. Some may only be able to drink instant coffee, while others can drink coffee from a French Press, and others may only be able to drink drip brewed coffee.

You should also know that many people who have diarrhoea predominant IBS find coffee has too much of an affect on their system. However, people with other types of IBS can find that coffee gives their system a kick start. Some people find that it is the caffeine content in coffee that triggers an attack. If you do drink coffee, you might find it helpful to limit your intake to no more than three cups per day.


Some espresso is low FODMAP, but other espresso is high FODMAP. Black decaffeinated espresso, and decaffeinated espresso with a low FODMAP milk alternative are both low FODMAP options. Decaffeinated espresso with regular milk is high FODMAP. It’s also high FODMAP when served with soy milk. Regular espresso follows the same rules - black and low FODMAP milk alternative espresso is low FODMAP, but serve it with regular milk, or soy milk (except soy milk made of protein), then it becomes high FODMAP.

Instant Coffee

Decaffeinated instant coffee served black, or with a low FODMAP milk alternative is low FODMAP. If it’s served with regular milk or soy milk not made of soy protein then it becomes high FODMAP.  


Going For A Coffee

Most of us often meet friends for a coffee and a catch up, but when you have IBS, it can be difficult to know what to order off the menu. Your best and safest bet is to order a black decaf Americano, but you can try a few other things as well. Most coffee shops won’t have a wide variety of low FODMAP sweeteners, or creams, but some may offer a lactose free milk, or an almond milk. You can have a small hot chocolate, or a latte as long as it’s been made from almond milk, or you can have a flat white, again made with a low FODMAP milk.


If you take a sweetener in your coffee, then you should probably stick to sugar or a low FODMAP sweetener. Some coffee shops offer syrups, but these may or may not be low FODMAP. You can ask your barista about ingredients in your drink, and you might even want to ask to read the ingredients of some products, so you can work our for yourself if it’s low or high FODMAP.

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