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What Will I Learn?

At the end of the course students will understand the intricacies of the low FODMAP diet. They will have been introduced to useful resources, substitutions I use regularly for non FODMAP friendly foods and tips & advice for eating out


There are no prerequisites. This course is for people who are interested to know more about the Low FODMAP diet and how to live with it


If you suffer from IBS in Australia you'll be put on the Low FODMAP diet as standard. The Monash University in Melbourne were the first to determine a link between certain food groups (FODMAPS) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). For the last 8 + years their research into this area has got better and more valuable for sufferers of this disibilitating condition.

I've lived with IBS for almost 15 years now. After many trips to doctors, specialists and even hospitals nothing was offered up as an answer to my pain. When my first son was born things were so bad that I struggled to pick him up in the evening when I returned from home. Many evenings were spent bent double in pain on the sofa unable to do anything at all. I decided that enough was enough and sought more help.

I found a GP who had heard about this Low FODMAP diet but didn't know about it personally. I spent the next few months researching it online. I became self taught but was still making lots of mistakes. I finally found an excellent dietician who had been trained by Kings College in London in the diet. She was based in Torquay near my home. She was instrumental in helping me implement the diet and teaching me how to reintroduce the different food groups.

Now I am NOT a dietician and if you're serious about this diet you MUST seek help from a professional like this as they will know things I simply don't. What I can give you is an honest account of living with this diet (having done so for two years now). I know the tips and tricks that exist and can really help you implement this in your lives if you're serious in doing so.

If you choose to take the course I wish you the very best. It has been an absolute life changer for me personally so I hope it can be for you too. Good luck.

Who is the target audience?

This course is for people who are interested to know more about the Low FODMAP diet and how to live with it

Curriculum For This Course

Learning about FODMAP
What is the Low FODMAP diet
Why have I created this course?
Why you should talk to a Dietitian

6 Lectures 04:36
Living with the Low FODMAP Diet
15 Lectures 33:05
Great FODMAP Resources
5 Lectures 12:16

About the Instructor
Alastair Banks

Alastair Banks
Director of Optix Solutions - UK Digital Marketing Agency

I started my main business Optix Solutions, a digital marketing agency when I was just 19 out of a bedroom at Exeter University with a few course mates. Over the last 17 years that company has grown into one of the leading digital agencies in the South West, employing over 15 people and working with the likes of Exeter University, Stags Estate Agents, Ashfords Solicitors and the NHS.

I have a passion for public speaking and have talked at events all over Europe. I have spoken on Exeter University's One Planet MBA as well as the prestigious MBA program at London Business School both on the topic of digital trends.

I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship and sit on the board of a number of other companies. I run my own YouTube channel giving advice and tips to budding entrepreneurs.

I live in Exeter with my wife Lizz, two children Oscar (2) and Alexa (3 months), my dog Freddie and cat Wilbur. I'm a fanatical skier and support West Ham as well as The mighty Exeter Chiefs. You can find me on almost every social media site so please look me up and engage, after all thats what social media is about right?


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