Low FODMAP Spice Mix (Chili Seasoning Mix) - No Onion No Garlic FODMAP Friendly Artisan Onion and Garlic Substitute Seasonings, Paleo


Product Description

ONION AND GARLIC SUBSTITUTE Chili Seasoning Mix - 1.25 oz (35g)
Onion and garlic flavor without onion or garlic! Low FODMAP, FODMAP Friendly Certified. No onion or garlic, gluten free, no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives, vegan, salt free, non GMO, non irradiated. Suitable for the Paleo Diet.

Ingredients: chili powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, hing (asafoetida), oregano

Substitute 1:1 in recipes. Mild chili seasoning. Use it in chilies, tacos, casseroles, bean patty or any dish that calls for chili seasoning.

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