Low FODMAP Mexican Chickpeas and Rice Recipe

Low FODMAP Mexican Chickpeas and Rice Recipe — a healthy, easy, and insanely delicious low fodmap dinner recipes that your whole family will love!

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Vegetarian followers, this one is for you! (Yummy enough to also be enjoyed by anyone) Enjoy this high protein recipe that can be made in just one pot:

Low FODMAP Mexican Chickpeas and Rice

Serves 4


To make our Low FODMAP Mexican Chickpeas and Rice Recipe, you will need the following:


To make our Low FODMAP Mexican Chickpeas and Rice Recipe, follow these steps:

1.Heat olive oil in a skillet.

2. Drain the chickpeas and rinse well, then add them to the skillet along with the diced tomatoes (with juices), low FODMAP vegetable broth, and a half teaspoon of salt. Roughly chop the parsley and add it to the skillet, reserving a small amount to sprinkle over the finished dish. Stir all the ingredients in the skillet until evenly combined.

3. Place a lid on the skillet and turn the heat up to medium-high. Allow the skillet to come to a boil. Once it reaches a boil, turn the heat down to low and let simmer for 20 minutes. Make sure it's simmering the whole time and adjust the heat up slightly if necessary to keep it simmering.

4.After simmering for 20 minutes, turn the heat off and let it rest for 5 minutes without removing the lid. Finally, remove the lid, fluff with a fork and top with the remaining chopped parsley. Cut the lemon into wedges and squeeze the fresh juice over each bowl.


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