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Welcome to our first weekly low FODMAP diet plan!

We know how stressful and challenging it can be to follow the low FODMAP Diet with a hectic lifestyle. At Casa de Sante, we want to take the stress out of shopping and eating. Every week we will deliver to you a low FODMAP meal plan with easy delicious recipes using our low FODMAP Certified products. This is our first newsletter - we welcome your feedback! Sign up at to get weekly low FODMAP meal plans.

Here is just one of the delicious low FODMAP dishes you will enjoy this week:

Turkey Sandwiches

Get this week's low FODMAP meal plan here.

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  • Thanks for the feedback! We’ve done so from Week 2 onwards

    casa de sante on

  • Any way there would be a grocery list for each week? It would help a ton!

    LAuren on

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