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Collection: Low FODMAP Cookies, Snacks & Chocolates

Looking for low fodmap snacks to buy for irritable bowel syndrome or other digestive sensitivities? You don't have to miss out on easy and tasty low FODMAP Snacks just because you're on a Low FODMAP Diet!

Introducing our LOW FODMAP SNACKS!

Try these low FODMAP snacks whether you are looking for low FODMAP sweet snacks, IBS Snacks, low fodmap snacks on the go, healthy low fodmap snacks, low FODMAP protein bars or savory snacks. There are plenty of nutritional snacks you can buy to enrich your diet while in the low FODMAP phase.

We also have low FODMAP snack recipes for any occasion!

Why shop with us?

At Casa de Sante, we sell low FODMAP products for people with IBS and digestive sensitivities. Our brand products are FODMAP Friendlycertified. We also sell FODMAP Dietitian approved products. All our products are small batch, artisan and made with the finest ingredients. They contain no additives, preservatives or fillers. 

SHOP NOW for our Low FODMAP Snacks!

Please NOTE that ALL products are low FODMAP and Gluten Free!