Do you need to go on the Low FODMAP diet?

Are you overwhelmed with searching the internet for low FODMAP recipes, only to burn out and symptoms return?
You're in the right place! Relief is here!

This low FODMAP Beginner Course provides you with a proven system to get nourishing, low FODMAP meals to the table fast without breaking a sweat.

In just four weeks, you’ll have a repertoire of low FODMAP meals and snacks you can count on to deliver nutrition & relief without the hassle.

👉 Nutrition lessons to learn about low FODMAP foods
👉 Cooking demonstrations that illustrate specifically how to make low FODMAP meals and snacks using kitchen and pantry essentials [no cooking skills required - just the basics here!]
👉 Weekly food lists with corresponding meal plans that are 100% customizable to meet family preferences
👉 Access to meal planning software to modify your weekly low FODMAP meal plan, view nutrition facts, and print smart grocery lists
👉 Resources to support you in building a low FODMAP kitchen
👉 Part of the IBS Care Program

This course is for you IF you...

- struggle with following the
low FODMAP diet
- want to control symptoms related to IBS or a GI condition

- ask yourself “What’s for dinner?” at 5pm

- are not comfortable in the kitchen or never learned how to cook

- make several meals to accommodate your low FODMAP restrictions while feeding the rest of the family

Does this sound familiar...

- I want to follow the low FODMAP diet my practitioner prescribed, but it's just so hard!
- I don't know which foods are low FODMAP
- I don't have a lot of time to cook
- I'm not confident in the kitchen
- I'm frustrated with not having a plan

It doesn’t have to be this way 👆 - here is a solution that won't cost any of gluten-free dough! {sorry for the pun}

Why you should take this course...

✅ Developed by Jeanne, a Registered Dietitian with a Master of Science degree in nutrition education from Teachers College, Columbia University

✅ She is a busy mom of four and who has been on the same struggle bus as you trying to feed her family nourishing meals without stress and overwhelm

✅ She has been a private cooking instructor for over 25 years and has seen firsthand what kitchen confidence can do to improve health

I hear you saying, "Sounds great, but..."

- "I don't have time."
This low FODMAP course SAVES you time. Imagine in just 4 weeks being the master of your kitchen, getting meals on the table easily. Each week you’ll complete a module, set culinary goals and start cooking with support. Modules take less than 1 hour to complete and all recipes take 30 minutes or less.

- "My family is picky."
The recipes in the Mealtime Method are completely flexible. You’ll have access to a customizable meal planning program where you can make changes to your weekly menu depending on your family’s preferences.

- "I don't know how to cook."
Each week, you’ll have access to cooking demonstration videos that will support you with learning basic cooking skills to increase success in the kitchen while reducing your stress in the kitchen.

- "I don't like cooking."
Keeping it simple and leveraging store bought convenience items is key to limiting time in the kitchen. This low FODMAP course uses both of these strategies to make sure that dinner is on the table in less than 30 minutes.

Are you ready to to get simple, nourishing, low FODMAP meals on the table without overwhelm and stress in the kitchen?