LemonAID, Low FODMAP Ayurvedic Digestive Drink

Kate Scarlata, RD: This FODMAP Friendly Certified Digestive Drink is fruit, herb, and spice infused. Rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, this digestive aid is a great addition to your cup of tea or smoothie. 

dietitianraquel: "This is like herbal tea on steroids and it's delicious!" 

Michelle: "Goodbye baggy shirts and elastic band pants! Sipping LemonAID has calmed my bloated stomach and eased my digestive symptoms" 

Marcia's healthy slice:"I found it to be very exotic tasting as well as refreshing. I especially love that it has turmeric in it for its anti-inflammatory properties." 

LemonAID Bee's Knees: Mixing honey and lemon is a double-whammy in this drink! To kick it up a notch, muddle fresh mint and every sip is light and refreshing" 

Gluten free Girl fave things: http://www.gluten-free-n-y-c.com/fodmap-friendly-lemonaid/


Low FODMAP Onion and Garlic Substitute Spice Mixes 

Kate Scarlata, RD: "Delicious"  


What I love about Casa de Santé’s Mexican Seasoning Mix is the spot on Mexican flavor it provides WITHOUT any added onion and garlic. You and your guests will not even know this seasoning mix is free of the fructans (FODMAPs) found in onion and garlic. 

Elise: "As you’d expect it was a winner of meal"  

Lindsay Livingston, RD: "My Salsa Verde Chicken Casserole was great! Lots of flavor without using onions or garlic" 

Kristi: I wasn’t disappointed with Casa De Sante’s Mexican blend

Riley(@sibowithhope): I love using @casadesante spice mixes to flavor my meals. They just make life easier! 

Sarah Nevins, A Saucy Kitchen: "Enter in: Casa de Sante Vegetable Stock Powder. Just mix 1 teaspoon of powder with 1 teaspoon of hot water and you’re all set. I tested this recipe a few times with the low FODMAP stock and with the organic Costco stock (containing onion & garlic) and Mike & I both agreed the Low FODMAP version tasted loads better."