IBS Support Program

IBS & low FODMAP diet programs with resources, dietitian & health coach support to
help IBS patients effectively manage symptoms.

Optimise Your Patient’s Care

Reduce costs while optimizing patient care with our IBS virtual care programs.

Why The Low FODMAP Diet?

The low FODMAP diet is clinically proven to help reduce Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms in up to 75% of patients. However, this diet is difficult for patients to implement and handouts alone are not effective at creating dietary change.

Our interactive dietitian-led approach helps patients comply with the low FODMAP diet and quickly identify their triggers.

IBS & the low FODMAP Diet doesn’t have to
be overwhelming - try our patient
support program today!

FODMAP Online Course

This course walks patients through the first phase of the low FODMAP diet. It helps them remove high FODMAP foods, make low FODMAP swaps, and reduce symptoms.

FODMAP Reintroduction eBook

Easy to follow step by step instructions that teach the patients how to test each of the FODMAP groups and identify food triggers. Symptom tracking documents help patients record detailed notes.

Casa de Sante -
FODMAP Planner App

With this free app, you get it all. Featuring over 20 weeks of low-FODMAP meal plans, recipes, cooking videos and shopping lists, you will feel completely in control. In addition, you can track all aspects of your daily life, including mood, food, bowel movements and sleep. You can also integrate this app with Apple Health, Fitbit and Google Fit — real-life monitoring has never been simpler.

Casa de Sante -

This free app contains over 20 weeks of low FODMAP meal plans, shopping lists, recipes & cooking videos. It also contains the low FODMAP reintroduction phase to rechallenge and reintroduce foods into the diet after the elimination phase. It also contains a comprehensive food, mood and poop tracker for sleep, nutrition, supplementation, meditation, condition, body metrics/vitals to discover patterns.

Customizable Meal Plans

We have a variety of customisable low FODMAP meal plans available including nutritionally balanced vegan and vegetarian plans. All plans are suitable for the first phase of the low FODMAP diet.

Tips & Tricks

Tips for the low FODMAP elimination diet & FODMAP shopping lists, low FODMAP substitutions for high FODMAP foods, advice for dining out on the low FODMAP diet, foods to avoid on the low FODMAP diet, educational videos and more.

IBS Care Programs

We offer Integrated Care Plan, Dietitian Care Plan and Single appointments—get lasting digestive relief through evidence based interventions for IBS.

Expert Support

We have FODMAP experts and dietitians on hand to answer patient FAQs, check product suitability, and help troubleshoot symptoms. Patients feel supported and have a trusted source to turn to.

Patient Success Stories

"I’m so thankful that Casa de Sante exsists! IBS sufferers can rejoice and take peace in knowing that high quality, very good tasting, tummy safe alternatives can be found at Casa. I’m a loyal, long term customer."

—Shirl Parsons

"I love all the options they offer on safe for us on the low FODMAP diet, now I can enjoy food with flavor"

—Erica Thompson

"Just started in this world of low FODMAP and thank goodness for companies like this for us IBS sufferers."

— Lynn Walker Levy

Make the low FODMAP Diet Easy
Guide your patients through the low FODMAP diet with access to over 1000+
low FODMAP recipes, meal plans and resources. Each recipe is taste tested and dietitian reviewed. This helps patients feel like they are eating normally, with tasty and nutritious food, even though they are following strict dietary guidelines.