Low FODMAP Matcha Chai - Vegan, Dairy & Gluten Free, Organic Fair Trade, Hand Blended Tea, 2oz


Product Description

Why drink matcha?

Matcha is an amazing tea. Developed by Zen Buddhist Monks and now the Japanese Ceremonial Tea, the process of growing and drinking matcha has, for centuries, been intended for fostering excellent health, clarity and focus. Research shows matcha to contain a concentrated amount of EGCG, the powerful anti cancer preventative antioxidant. Each teaspoon of matcha contains 10 times more the amount of EGCG than one cup of green tea. 

Drink this finely ground, ready to mix, powdered organic & fair trade tencha tea for the satisfaction, ease of preparation and smooth taste. Our matcha is of an extremely fine quality and will provide you with the incredible nutritional benefits that matcha should impart.
Our Matcha Chai is hand blended using our Superior Grade Matcha and organic masala spices. You may experience some natural sediment of these traditional masala spices in your cup. These are natural, tasty and are sign of real ingredients in your cup!
You will find that our matcha when stirred, whisked or shaken suspends completely and will not leave clumps at the bottom of your cup. We recommend stirring your matcha once 1/2 way through your drinking experience.

Organic & Fair Trade Ingredients: finely ground superior grade tencha green tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, raw sugar. Makes 8-10 cups

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