Lundberg Farms Brown Rice Syrup (21 Oz), Low FODMAP Sweetener, Pack of 3


Product Description

Brown rice syrup has been rated FODMAP safe by Monash University at 1 serve (1 tablespoon)

From the Friendly Gourmand:

FODMAP rating: safe.

Rice malt syrup is glucose/maltose syrup that has been produced from (typically brown) rice. In the modern/industrial method of rice malt syrup production, the brown rice is fermented in the presence of enzymes, to separate the starch from the other components, after which it is strained and heated to achieve the concentrated glucose/maltose syrup that we can buy in most health food stores or online. In the traditional method, barley sprouts are used in the first step, so please make sure you complete further research on traditionally made rice syrups and gluten content if you have coeliac disease.

As rice malt syrup contains approximately 3% glucose and 45% maltose (a disaccharide of two glucose molecules), it is considered safe to use by those with fructose malabsorption and is lower GI than sucrose and pure glucose. If you are diabetic, please use caution and consult your doctor or dietitian before using any alternative syrup for the first time.

About the product:

Lightly Sweet, Honey-Colored And Smooth, Lundberg Sweet Dreams Is A Nutritive Sweetener About One Half As Sweet As Sugar. Brown Rice Syrup Is A Healthful, Tasty Alternative For Those Who Watch Their Sugar Intake. Bake With It, Pour It Over Ice Cream. Gluten Free

USDA Organic

Free Of: Gluten.

Ingredients: Organic Brown Rice and Pure Filtered Water.