Low FODMAP Smoothies for Digestive Health


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Product Description

Author: Jody Garlick RD LDN

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 47

Publisher: Casa de santé

Details: Feeling Good Has Never Been Easier
LemonAID Ayurvedic herb and spice infusion by Casa de santé is a natural blend of 12 different fruits, herbs, and spices. This infusion is amazing alone or can be used in recipes. LemonAID infusion was designed to provide antioxidants and improve inflammation, digestion, and immunity. As a bonus, it’s also low-FODMAP friendly and gluten-free. Get LemonAID at casadesante.com.
Why Smoothies?
•They can provide a powerhouse of nutrients in a single glass.
•Super quick and easy to prepare.
•Blending fruits and vegetables gives your body a break, so digestion is easier.
•Smoothies make a great meal or snack.
•The best part is the taste.
Enjoy these low-FODMAP smoothie and drink recipes using lemonAID infusion by Casa de santé and get started on better digestion.