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Author: Jody Garlick RD LDN

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Publisher: casa de sante

Details: Feeling good has never been easier.
Health begins from within. Following a low-FODMAP
diet can help improve digestive problems such as
irritable bowel syndrome, but the diet can be restrictive.
Imagine yourself enjoying foods like spaghetti sauce and
tacos again without the worry of digestive problems.
Casa de santé spice mixes are designed exclusively for
those looking for an onion and garlic substitute. With
several varieties to suit your tastes, the possibilities in
the kitchen are endless.
And for those who appreciate quality, Casa de santé
products are made from the finest spices, herbs, and
fruits. All of our products are gluten-free and low-
FODMAP friendly.
There’s no better time than right now to get started using
your Casa de santé spice mixes. Enjoy these low-
FODMAP recipes and be inspired to create new dishes of
your own with these spices.