La Tourangelle Garlic Infused Sunflower Oil (8.45 oz) - Low FODMAP


Product Description

Garlic and onions are high in FODMAPs, however, garlic infused oils are low FODMAP because the FODMAPs (fructans) in garlic are water soluble, but not fat/oil soluble. While you can make your garlic infused oils at home, Kate Scarlata, RD cautions: home-made garlic or herb- infused oil should be prepared and used immediately, ideally. There is a risk of serious food borne illness if the oil is left at room temperature or even refrigerated longer than 2-4 days.

La tourangelle garlic infused oil contains no garlic, and is a delicious easy-to-use aromatic herbal oil for both dipping and cooking. Grown in France by a five generation family owned-producer, the herbs are cultivated with a specific focus on aromas. When the herbs are at their freshest, they are naturally infused in organic expeller-pressed high-oleic sunflower oil, giving you endless cooking possibilities from salad dressings to high-heat cooking. This Garlic Infused Oil is infused with fresh, aromatic garlic. You can perform miracles on any dish or sauce, or use it simply as a dipping oil. La tourangelle garlic oil pairs perfectly with appetizer, salad, soup, pizza, pasta and entrees With this in your pantry, you can work miracles. La tourangelle uses slow, low temperature unique French infusion method, respecting the aromas of the herb and maintaining the properties of garlic.

Tin can preserves freshness of oils avoiding oxidation, unopened: 18-month, opened: best used within 6 months, refrigerate after opening